Wait Til You See Their Reunion Pic

by Mallory Schlossberg

What a week it's been for the Knowles-Carter clan. The entire Internet is emotionally exhausted from Elevatorgate! But no press release, no Saturday Night Live parody, and no amount of blog coverage can make up for this final piece of evidence to seal the envelope on this debacle in the way that this can: a photo of Beyonce and Solange smiling, reunited, via Bey's Instagram. BOOM. There you have it. Things are good!

Yes, Bey and Jay-Z released a public statement, but this is the kind of stuff that lets us know that the sisters are okay with each other, and isn't that what matters the most? We had seen the two sisters make attempts to make amends via Instagram this past week: Beyonce had ostensibly made a digital reach-out to her sister with all of the happy pics she posted with Solange, and even Solange posted a throwback Thursday photo with the two sisters smiling together as kids. (Which, of course, was kind of odd considering how Solange had previously deleted all of her Beyonce pics on Instagram, but no matter.) But this picture is perfectly up to date — Beyonce dated the pic. It was taken on May 17th in New Orleans, which means that the two are spending time together. They're reunited, and it feels so good!

What can we gauge from all of this? Well, that Instagram might be our most valuable insight into what's actually going on sometimes.

But enough of that analysis. Let's look at how happy these guys look!!

Blood is thicker than elevators, guys.

Image: Instagram