Oh My God, There's An All-Pug 'Independence Day'

I can honestly say that I never knew I needed this in my life until this moment. Never once did I say, "you know, a version of the 1996 film Independence Day starring adorable pugs instead of Will Smith is something that I absolutely need to see once in my life." And yet, here I am — absolutely freaking out over a video that is just that. Apparently, The Pet Collective on YouTube (the same account behind other amazing animals-reenacting-things videos like kittens performing The Little Mermaid , Orange Is the New Black starring kittens, Mean Girls starring kittens, and Game of Thrones starring kittens) knows me better than I know myself, because they put together a clip of pugs reenacting the film Independence Day , just in time for July fourth weekend. And yes, it's perfect.

The clip runs just over two minutes (after all, pugs have better things to do than reenact '90s movies for two hours — like roll around and be generally adorable) and features a bunch of the cutest pugs you've ever seen running around while voiceovers maintain the plot of Independence Day loosely. If this became known as the official new installment in the Independence Day franchise instead of ID Forever Parts I & II , I would be OK with that.

Check the clip out below.

Image: The Pet Collective/YouTube