'Vanderpump Rules' Scheana Marie's Bridal Party Left Us With 37 Burning Questions — PHOTO

Yes, THE wedding of 2014 already came and went, but the Union of The Year Runner-Up is on the horizon. That's right: Vanderpump Rules ’ Scheana Marie and fiancé Mike Shay will be tying the knot oh-so-soon! (Holy crumpets, I cannot believe it’s already July.) How soon? WE'RE LESS THAN A MONTH AWAY. And the pre-wedding festivities are already POPPIN'. Wednesday, Scheana posted a pic of a bridal party luncheon? Dinner? Tea? And I have yet to stop staring at it.

And yes, I do have questions. And yes, I've jotted all 37 of my questions down:

  1. Was this taken at Villa Blanca?
  2. Was this a brunch?
  3. A lunch?
  4. A fancy supper?
  5. A tea?
  6. A desserts-only bonanza?!
  7. She has seven bridesmaids? Wow.
  8. Seven bridesmaids for seven brothersmaids? (Sorry, had to.)
  9. [Reads caption] Wait, they're missing someone?
  10. Does that mean Scheana has eight bridesmaids?
  11. Does that mean my amazing seven bridesmaids for seven brothersmaids joke is toast?
  12. Who is the maid of honor?
  13. Who took Stassi Schroeder's spot?
  14. Has Stassi seen this picture yet?
  15. If so, what does Stassi think of this picture?
  16. Is that the filter or are my glasses dirty?
  17. [Cleans glasses] Oh, it's definitely the filter. Huh. Why blur out the shoes?
  18. Is there something wrong with the shoes?
  19. Is that Scheana's little sister? She is so cute!
  20. I see Pandora Vanderpump-Sabo and Ariana Madix, but where’s Giggy?
  21. Giggy didn’t make the cut?
  22. Where’s Salem?
  23. Will Salem be the ring bearer?
  24. And will Giggy be the flower pup?
  25. Speaking of Pandora, how does Stassi feel about Scheana and Pandora's friendship?
  26. Are Stassi and Pandora still friends?
  27. Hold up. Is that who I think it is?
  28. Could someone please verify that’s who I think it is?
  30. And why do I always forget that Scheana was on an episode of The Hills?
  31. Why is my memory the worst?
  32. Could MTV please re-air every episode of The Hills?
  33. Will Stassi show up at Scheana's wedding just like Lauren Conrad did at Heidi Montag's wedding?
  34. Where can I find any and every Scheana clip from this episode?
  35. Does Scheana know anyone with not great hair?
  36. Like, am I looking at a print ad for conditioner right now?
  37. Seriously, why did she choose to blur out the feet? I want to get a good look at the shoes.

Image: scheanamarie/Instagram