Miley Cyrus' Hairstyles From 4th of July Weekend, Ranked in Terms of IRL Wearability

This Fourth of July, Miley Cyrus’ hair makes me proud to be an American. If you’re not following her on Instagram, make this your Independence Day resolution. Her hairstyles are heavily documented and the bonkers factor is high. Over the holiday weekend, the pop star posted a barrage of photos to her Instagram featuring some seriously cuckoo coifs. Psychedelic hair accessories, ribbons, pink dye and clip-on pigtails have taken Miley’s tresses on a special trip to crazy town. After all, is there any more fitting holiday for a hair hootenanny than America’s birthday for a country girl like Miley?

I can say this hair journey has been nothing short of a joy to watch, and she's kind of winning me over. Over the past few days, Miley has demonstrated serious range with her current hairstyle. Her long-on-the-top, short-on-the-side look can inhabit so many different forms, from next-level bananas to tasteful. It can be accessoried with patriotic ribbons and scrunchies. It can be pinned back and paired with clip on braids. It can be swept to the side in a pageboy.

I can easily say that if Miley’s hair were an actress, it would be Taryn Manning. She serves camp with verve and ease. Even when she gives us class, there’s still that level of camp that lends to her personality. Such is Miley Cyrus' hair. Let’s check out some of her most notable ‘do’s from this weekend, ranked from least to most wearable. I fully endorse any copying of these looks.

1. Hysterical patriotism.

Stars and stripes scrunchie? Check. Red, white and blue braid? Check. Boingy-star headband? Check. This is redneckery at its finest, and it's tremendous. Perhaps it's wearable at a BBQ rave in the hills and hollers of West Virginia, but this look would probably garner some side-eyes if you tried to wear it on the street.

2. Plastic rings make great hair accessories

Miley may actually have woken up like this. Here, she dons a plastic ring in lieu of a flower in her hair. You could easily wear this style on your morning-after walk to the bodega while still in your PJ pants. People will understand that the ring in your hair was just a silly drunken beauty choice. You're so fun.

3. Pipi Longstocking on Molly

It's like Dorothy meets James Franco in Spring Breakers. These blond clip-on plaits are not exactly office wear, but dare I say it, they are actually wearable for a day galavanting with your friends. You're letting your freak flag fly in a way that won't give you immediate hair remorse the moment you leave your house.

4. Platinum Pageboy

A long weekend of activity and hair insanity yields a chic, tasteful hairstyle as she lies in bed with the new Floyd. This is a super wearable, chic style and I may just replicate this in my own life. She looks like Geena Davis in The Long Kiss Goodnight , and I'm enjoying every moment of it.

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