Will 'The Fosters' Brandon Drop Piano To Become A Rockstar? It's Not A Bad Move, Actually

Guys, it is actually happening. The Fosters is actually giving Brandon a chance to move forward and make some interesting choices with his future. On last week's episode of the hit ABC Family show, Brandon and Callie were put in charge of the house when Stef and Lena decided to take a much needed babymoon. Brandon, rather than continuing to dwell on the terrible things that happened to him, takes his newly minted responsibility and decides to throw a party where his new band can practice and perform. The others go along with it because, well, why the heck not? And when his new lead singer challenges him to basically move past his injury and stop being such a baby about it, Brandon delivers with a beautiful performance of the song he originally wrote for Callie.

Now, this may not seem like much of a step forward for the eldest and most seemingly stressed of the Foster children, but it really is. Sure, he threw a party when his parents were away like a typical teenager, but the party's performance is the first time Brandon has properly played music since his accident. And it seems like it's the first time he's played from his heart rather than simply from a page of music. The song is a big hit and Brandon's lead singer Lou sees past the pompous, classical music jerk she first perceives Brandon to be.

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It's not like this song is going to catapult Brandon to major success and turn him into the next big thing. But it's nice to see him take up music again and seem to really enjoy it. He wrote that song when he was at a happy place in his life. Sure, that happiness came from being in love with his foster sister, but let's put that aside for now.

Brandon deserves a win right now and a reason to try and fight to be a better person. Joining this band with a singer like Lou, who has no problem putting him in his place when necessary, is definitely a good move. It's better than Brandon constantly giving himself a hard time for not playing classical music and piano perfectly. This is a really musically talented kid who deserves to once again enjoy the musical instruments he knows how to play.

I hope this new band can show Brandon that taking some creative risks is worth it and prove to be a fresh start for the kid. We already know that Lou is bound to be Brandon's new love interest and the pairing seems kind of perfect. She's the right mix of carefree, smart, and real to get him out of his slump, keep him grounded and steer him away from his annoying, immature side. Plus, she's not his potentially soon-to-be sister. So that's a big plus.

Keep it going Brandon; this new direction suits you.

Images: ABC Family; Tumblr/hahahamybby