'Southern Charm's Thomas Ravenel Will Run For Senate, So What Do His Costars Think About This?

It’s haaaappening: SC State Treasurer-turned-disgraced former SC State Treasurer-turned-reality TV personality-turned-baby daddy Thomas Ravenel will run for U.S. Senate. Back in April, the Southern Charm star told Watch What Happens Live host Andy Cohen that he'd run IF Senator Lindsey Graham won the Republican nomination. Welp, Senator Graham won the GOP primary ("won" is an understatement: As the Associated Press notes, Senator Graham more or less obliterated all six challengers) and T-Rav put his buckets of money where his bourbon-sipping mouth is: Before the Greenville, SC Red, White and Blue Festival last Friday, T-Rav told The Greenville News that he will run as an Independent against Senator Graham this November. It's official! (Er, first things first: He has to nab 10,000 signatures. But I believe in T-Rav. Get those signatures, T-Rav!)

What do his SC cast mates think about this? Aside from a few RTs of the announcement, the other Charmers have yet to say anything about T-Rav’s big news. WHAT? Come on, my SC darlings. I saw that pic Shep Rose posted last week. I know y'all still hang out and talk. Why are y'all so quiet about this particular piece of news?! I need your jokes. Your friendly ribbings. Your charm.

The SC cast leaves me with no choice. I must imagine their responses:


“Good luck, ya turd!”


[Plays "America The Beautiful" on his electric guitar]


"Hire a babysitter for Kensie, because this calls for a Shep-style celebration. Do you know what that entails? We party for a week straight. And if you win the whole shebang, I'll give you a pair of my grandfather's party pants."


“If you nab the Senate seat, let me know if you need an assistant who just finished law school and truly values the work/life balance."


"ROCK STAR. Not sure if I'll be in town during the election. Is it cool by you if I mail in my ballot?"


"Not to put the cart before the horse, but I wouldn't hate being a Senator's wife. Just some food for thought."


"Well, this surely is an interesting turn of events. Would you be a dear and open this jar of olives for me? My martini is waiting."

Images: Bravo; cayleenicolexo/tumblr