'Teen Wolf' Has Already Made Major Changes

Well that was quick. In Monday night's episode, Teen Wolf finally introduced Dylan Sprayberry as Liam, a new freshman lacrosse player who is easily better than everyone on the existing team. But before we can say "Yay! A new human character!" Teen Wolf takes it away and has Scott do something he's been dreading: Scott bites Liam. How could Scott, a True Alpha, do such a thing? It's complicated.

We first meet Liam as he's impressing everyone— and annoying Stiles— with his lacrosse skills. One of the players, Graham, even says he could be the youngest team captain ever. Scott and Stiles definitely don't take to Liam's talents as easily as everyone else. In fact, Stiles believes he's some kind of supernatural creature, like a werecheetah. When Scott accidentally injures Liam and sends him to the hospital with a potential broken ankle, the poor kid goes out into the hospital hallway at the absolute wrong time and sees the newly introduced Wendigo running down the hallway from Scott in alpha form.

The Wendigo kidnaps poor Liam and uses him as a hostage for Scott, dangling him from the hospital rooftop, which makes Scott jump to try and save him. When it looks like Liam is about to die, Scott makes the ultimate difficult choice, biting the young Lacrosse player to save his life. But you know what a bite from an alpha means: Liam is either going to die or get turned into a werewolf.

Poor Scott, the guy was only trying to do the right thing and save this kid's life. But now he has to live with the fact that he has bitten an innocent and potentially turned him into a monster. And not only does he have that guilt, but he was also told by the leader of the Mexican hunters, Araya, that if Scott bit an innocent he would have her and her family to answer to. Plus, to be honest, I expected that Scott were to bite anyone one day, it would be Stiles — if Stiles wanted it of course.

And what about poor Liam? The kid only wanted to play Lacrosse and make his doctor dad (or so it seemed?) proud, but he broke his ankle and got bitten by a werewolf in the same night. Not the best way to start out at a new school. The question now is whether or not Liam will survive the bite, but considering that Sprayberry joined the cast as a heavily recurring character, it's pretty obvious Liam will be Scott's first Beta. That should be an interesting new twist for both characters to deal with this season, especially with a baddie like The Benefactor added to the mix.

Images: MTV, adorejauregui/Tumblr