'Big Brother 16' Poll: Is Devin the Creepiest Houseguest Ever? Yes or Yes?

Well, congratulations, Devin Shepherd... you've done it! No, no you haven't broken the world record for saying the word "daughter." Rather, you've joined the Big Brother ranks and are now part of the creepster hall of fame with the likes of shudder-inducing legends like Evil Dick. We're only a few episodes into Season 16 and already Big Brother houseguest Devin has manipulated and bullied his housemates. Throw in a couple of sexist remarks and rampant paranoia and you've got a guy who somehow seems creepier than the tattooed hunter who watches Amber while she reads the bible. No small feat, man.

But it seems Devin has outdone even himself in the Big Brother house. On Tuesday the Big Brother Updates feed on Twitter alerted fans that Devin was taking pictures of his fellow housemates... while they were sleeping. (Sorry, this is no Sandra Bullock rom-com charmer.) The account tweeted, "Devin is going around with the HoH camera, taking pictures of people as they sleep." They also noted that Paola said "I feel like someone was taking pictures of us while we were sleeping" and Brittany told her that it was, in fact, Devin. Check out some of the tweets chronicling the creep fest here:

Okay, this isn't creepy, but still... BUSTED!

Alright, so let's decide once and for all if Devin is just the absolute creepiest.

Devin or Ben Affleck in the Gone Girl Trailer?

Devin! Could you imagine what he'd be like playing Nick Dunne? In his mind EVERY SINGLE PERSON would be a suspect, especially Donny.

Devin or Paula Era Robin Thicke?

It's a tie. Robin Thicke is more of a Caleb, really, but have him combine forces with Devin and you'd have pop culture's most unsettling duo. (Seriously though, Robin Thicke would be kinda great for Big Brother.)

Devin or The Clown from It?

Okay, Devin, you lose this round. You're unnerving, sure, but not quite clown levels of scary. Nothing is.

Images: CBS; crushable.com; perezhilton.com; Imgur.com