'Big Brother 16' Devin Has a Strategy That Spells Disaster

When Season 16 of Big Brother started, it seemed like the self-proclaimed liar Zach or the creepy Caleb would this year's villain, but we were wrong: so far it's Devin Shepherd, and by a long shot. We're only a few days into this season and already Devin has manipulated his housemates, had major paranoia/trust issues, and made some seriously boneheaded game plays. Monday was no exception: in Devin's never ending merry-go-round of "Bomb Squad" members, the 26-year-old father (oh, has he not mentioned he's playing the game for his daughter?) has more or less bullied Hayden into joining their alliance. Well, that seems to be his M.O. at this point, doesn't it? Bother someone into submission.

According to the Big Brother Updates feed on Twitter, Devin pointed out that if Hayden were to join their alliance, in terms of voting, the numbers would always be in their favor. But, what Devin told his righthand man Caleb that the reason they actually needed Hayden is because "he knows everything." (It's true, Hayden is hiding a lot of secrets under those hats.) Here's a few tweets from today's feed that gives us a further look into Devin's methods of madness. Emphasis on the word madness.

How long before Devin declares that Hayden is actually a surfer/FBI agent a la Point Break and cannot be trusted? Five minutes? Ten?

Of course, the snakiest part of Devin's plea to Hayden wasn't the lines he fed him, so much as his declaration that eventually he's going to have to vote out Nicole (they have an alliance/blossoming showmance to nurture, after all). Devin may not necessarily be wrong in that thinking (hey, everybody has to vote their friends out at one point or another in this game), but given his already stellar track record, it just seems like the guy doesn't want any girls making it to the end. Case in point: he not only got Joey to apologize for her desire to start an all-girl alliance, but he also helped lead the charge in getting her evicted from the Big Brother household with a unanimous vote. (Devin declared very early on that he thought the women of the house will be "too emotional" during gameplay, which really says a lot coming from the guy who has probably cried more than anyone — both real and fake tears —over the past two weeks.)

But it's not just the women of BB16 who are losing their trust/patience with Devin, he's already backstabbed the likes of Donny and Zach, and even Hayden can see through his facade. After being "invited" to join the "Bomb Squad," he told Christine he "hates" Devin and wants to see him go. When you've lost the goodwill of guys like Donny and Hayden, you know you're in trouble.

It seems that everyday Devin seems to find a new way to put a huge target on his own back and soon enough, the house will take aim.

Image: CBS