9 Times Ben Affleck Made Us Hate Him, From 'Gigli' to 'Gone Girl'

Remember that time, not so long ago, when we were all cheering for Ben Affleck? The comeback kid may have been snubbed for a Best Director nod in 2013 for Argo, but by golly, we were all just tickled when he got to take the podium for Best Picture. With all of those critical and box office duds and the dreadful Bennifer hysteria behind us, we could get back to liking Affleck again. That was until we saw the latest Gone Girl trailer and the 41-year-old actor so perfectly embodied Nick Dunne, one of the sketchiest literary husbands in recent memory, that we retroactively went back to hating him. It's not Affleck's fault, really, the guy is just so damn good at playing jerks.

Affleck seems like a doting husband in real life to wife Jennifer Garner and a sweet papa to their three kids, but give him a twisted Gillian Flynn script and get him in front of the dark, stylistic David Fincher and he goes right on back to being "the most hated man in America right now." (Hey, that's Gone Girl's words, not ours.) Of course, this is hardly the first time Affleck has ruffled some feathers thanks to his on-screen personas. Hell, the guy sent the Internet in a tailspin just at the news that he would be playing the next Batman.

In honor of the chilling new preview for Gone Girl, here's all of the times a Ben Affleck character totally made us uncomfortable. (Affleck was the bomb in Phantoms, yo!)

As Fred O'Banion in Dazed and Confused

Gramercy Pictures

Fred O'Banion was the kind of guy that made you terrified to go to high school. A senior with too much time — and a painful paddle — on his hands who got way too much joy out of torturing freshman. Even watching Dazed and Confused as an adult, Affleck's O'Banion can send you right back to the traumatizing nightmares you endured in high school.

As Shannon in Mallrats

Pffft, fashionable male. Affleck perfectly personified yuppie scum in Kevin Smith's slacker comedy, but they took uncomfortable to a whole new level when his character Shannon was charged with statutory rape. Blech. Just as an added creepy bonus: Shannon not only taped his escapades, but his dirty talk included lines like "Who's your favorite New Kid? Yeah, call me Joey!"

As The Bartender in 200 Cigarettes

And you thought that New Kids on the Block line was bad? While Affleck's bartender in 200 Cigarettes was hardly the douchiest character he's played, this guy was still a dope with some seriously cheesy lines for the ladies. And ahhh, the earring! The earring!

As A.J. Frost in Armageddon

If animal crackers are your idea of foreplay, you're doing it wrong.

As Jim Young in Boiler Room

New Line Cinema

The money-hungry character who gave a new generation their own "Greed is good" speech. Thanks a lot.

As Larry Gigli in Gigli

Columbia Pictures

Oh, all of it. Just every single minute of this cinematic train wreck will make you dislike Ben Affleck. (The exact same thing could be said for Reindeer Games, Surviving Christmas, and Daredevil.)

As Doug MacRay in The Town

Look, we get that he was supposed to be the "good guy" in the violent band of mask-wearing bank robbers, but it's still unbelievably messed up to pursue a woman you held at gunpoint, track her down, date her under false pretenses, and put her life in danger repeatedly. Wicked awful when you really think about it.

As Ivan Block in Runner Runner

20th Century Fox

Running a Ponzi scheme is one thing, but attempting to take down Justin Timberlake in the process? For shame!