There's No Way They're Dating

Miley Cyrus has been super busy lately. She's on a world tour, she just got a new dog, and she has a ton of trippy craft projects to work on, but apparently, that doesn't mean she can't have time for love. According to Us Weekly, Miley Cyrus is dating Mike Will Made-It, who produced her album, Bangerz. The thing is, this news sounds very suspicious for a number of reasons. There's strange claims by sources, a lack of evidence as to them actually being in a relationship, and then there's the fact that Cyrus hasn't shouted the information from the top of Twitter mountain.

Here's some evidence as to why Miley Cyrus is not dating Mike Will Made-It:

  • A source claims they've been together for nine months saying, "Everybody in her circle knows they've been together this whole time." Yeah, sure. And not one of them let it leak until now? Also, nine months is a long time. Where are the paparazzi photos of Cyrus and... Made-It (do I call him Made-It? Is Made-It his last name?) walking down the street eating frozen yogurt?
  • Cyrus is on a massive world tour. And has been since February. And will be until October. And it consists of 78 shows . There can't possibly be time for a new relationship. As a counterpoint, maybe they're just really good at long distance. A source did say that they "talk and text all day, every day." As a counterpoint to that, where are the leaked texts?!
  • Tish Cyrus has supposedly already expressed her approval of Mr. Made-It. According to a source, "Tish says he's part of the family." How could he possibly have become part of the family that fast? I mean, nine months is a long time, but that only would put us at October for the month they started dating and then Cyrus went on tour four months later. It's possible, but unlikely. Maybe the Cyrus family just accepts people very quickly.
  • Miley Cyrus posts on Instagram ALL THE TIME. Like, constantly. Mike Will has been in a few pictures over time, but not enough. He would've popped up behind one of her selfies or hiding in between her craft supplies at some point for sure.
  • A witness told Us Weekly that Cyrus and Made-It were "all over each other" at a BET awards party on June 28. But what was Cyrus up to that day? Welcoming her new dog! And...

Hanging out with Mike Will Made-It! She Instagrammed it! Omg, you guys! Is it true? Are they dating?!

I still don't think it's true. Cyrus would tell us if she had a new boo and I have absolutely no faith that she would be able to keep a secret for nine months. She would collaborate on a song with The Flaming Lips about it or at least feature his name in a tweet with a bunch of emojis. Until Miley Cyrus uses his name with her favorite cat emojis, nothing is official.

Images: Miley Cyrus/Instagram