Old Photos of 'Big Brother' Zach Show Off A Hairstyle That You Need to See

It goes without saying — but I will say it anyway — Hollywood has provided us with some of the most dynamic couples to ever exist. There's Sonny and Cher, Brangelina, Thelma and Louise, Bert and Ernie, and now there is Zach and Frankie of Big Brother fame. But before there was Zankie, there was just Zach Rance and Frankie Grande, two guys, both originally from Florida, trying to figure out this game we call life. Since Frankie is possibly the most public Big Brother contestant to ever exist, I thought it was about time we dive into the other half of the Zankie duo and explore the life of Zach, before he entered the Big Brother house.

Diving into the lives of Big Brother contestants can sometimes really pay off — like when we discovered that Cody was an underwear model pre-Big Brother — and other times it can make you wonder where the hell they find these contestants (yeah, Caleb, I am looking at you and your reported hog beating Instagram video). So what did Zach's life look like before he entered the house? Well, for starters, it was all about the hair. No, really. Zach's hair was long, luscious, and honestly looked like he was constantly filming a commercial for Head & Shoulders. Don't believe me? Take a look for yourself.

The before and after

The "is it just me or does he look like Tim Riggins from Friday Night Lights"?

The model shot, giving Cody a run for his money

The "#stillballin" picture

The always classic "posing with a taxidermy animal"

Maybe if Zach stays in the Big Brother house long enough, viewers will be treated to an appearance by those flowing locks.

Images: Cliff Lipson/CBS; ranceypants/Instagram; NBC;