9 Stylish Babies Their Kid Will Take After

By now, you've heard the news. You've gone through all the levels of depression and anger, and you're ready to accept the fact that the hottie to end all hotties will not be your baby's daddy and instead, Ryan Gosling fathered the unborn child of his lover Eva Mendes. While it pains me to have to bring it up yet again, I think it's time that we all collectively move on and yes, put a smile on our faces for the happy couple. C'mon, you have to admit it — the Mendes-Gosling baby is going to be freakin' gorgeous. Hopefully it'll have Mendes' tan skin and Gosling's big, round eyes and perfect everything.

Besides the obvious fact that it's going to be one beautiful baby, I also am pretty positive that it's going to have swag straight out of the womb. Both parents-to-be exude effortless style. Even when Eva Mendes walks Gosling's dog George, she looks like she's ready for the cover of Vogue. Seriously. And don't even get me started on Ryan Gosling. Man can make a pair of dirty denim jeans and a sloppy white tee look handsome and refined. So, what's in store for the Mendes-Gosling bb? A life full of good looks and panache, that's what. Here are 9 stylish babies I think it'll definitely take after.

1. This baby who woke up with bedhead that looks like it was professionally styled

2. This adorable baby who is totally owning that Eva Mendes-style head wrap.

3. This little guy who looks like a mini Ryan Gosling. Forreal, though.

4. This tiny gal who understands Eva Mendes' love for big hats and sunglasses.

5. This kid who shares Ryan Gosling's affinity for muscle tees and leather boot(ies).

6. This cutie who shows us how the flower crown is done, y'all.

7. This little dude who appreciates a worn-in flannel shirt and distressed jeans.

8. This girl who was born to smize indifferently at the paparazzi.

9. This duo who obviously watched The Place Beyond The Pines.

Images: The Place Beyond The Pines, JetaimeKyan, Desirremoraes, Luisfere, Lindseybelle, finleydaltonx, Sol_Marie_, AidenNicholas, FashionKids, StyleInkhk/Instagram