Selena Gomez Dons Leather And Lace For Dinner Date

Selena Gomez has been hanging out in New York City this week, far away from her on-off lover Justin Bieber. Well, when The Biebs, who was just handed probation, anger management courses, and community service related to his EggGate case, sees the leather and lace ensemble Gomez donned for a girls night out dinner, he might be wishing she'd come home to California ASAP.

Gomez, who has enviable, J. Lo-inspired style and is usually impeccably and appropriately dressed for her age, oozed hawtness in two pics she shared on Instagram while having fun with her girlfriends. The snaps were a stark contrast to some Gomez's recent, somewhat sad IG postings.

The outfit is super easy to recreate, too.

Gomez paired a lacy, black bralette with a skinny leather skirt. Cue up the Stevie Nicks song! While each element of her outfit is super sexy on its own, pairing it together certainly doubled her va va voom factor. But Gomez didn't drift into vulgar or slutty territory with her ensemble, since she showed just enough skin.

The singer and actress also showed off some serious cleavage. The bra top had a push up effect, but who knew she was so busty? She looks amazing. No wonder The Biebs, currently having his own fashion reinvention, can't move on from her.

Personally, I like when Gomez goes the skirt route, as opposed to pantsuits, for which she has also shown a predilection. Those age her a bit. She'll be 22 later this month — on July 22nd, making it her golden birthday — and this leather and lace pairing reflects her youth.

Even though her arm is obscuring the top as she blows a kiss, you can get the gist of her outfit here. It was a casual and fun girls night out, but I'd be lying if I said Gomez didn't eclipse her girlfriends when it came to sizzle.

The bombshell cleavage is viewable, here, as well.

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Images: Selena Gomez/Instagram (2), Forever 21, ASOS