Kim + Kendall = BFFL (Balmain Favorites For Life)

I never grew up with a sister, so I don’t really understand the whole concept of a sibling rivalry. But even I can tell that one celebrity sister set has a little bit of friendly competition going on in the fashion and fame departments: Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner. Sure, Kardashian is obviously the more well known of the two sisters, having been daily tabloid fodder for the better part of the last decade. But despite giving birth to the adorable, high-fashion North West; landing her much-memed Vogue cover; and getting married in one of the most lavish weddings on earth to rapper-slash-"fashion god” Kanye West, the paparazzi princess has been given a run for her money as of late thanks to little sis Kendall.

After walking in a slew of shows for Fall ’14 Fashion Month, being photographed for her own spread in Vogue , hosting the Much Music Video Awards with fellow Kardashian Klan member Kylie, and hitting the Chanel runway for Paris Couture Fashion Week, it’s becoming increasingly clear that Kim isn’t the only Kardashian family member who’s a designer darling for the high-fashion crowd.

And Wednesday evening’s Vogue Foundation Gala is just the most recent example of this style rivalry, where both Kim and Kendall battled it out in a pair of brilliant Balmain ensembles for the title of best-dressed Kardashian/Jenner sister.

Not only do the pair fit right in with these flawless Balmain models, but their equally amazing looks prove that both sisters have ultra-glam style on lock. Opting for a wild-but-structured ensemble, Kardashian was downright fierce in a figure-flattering, leopard print pencil skirt and black and gold corded top. Accessorizing the look with an army green leather belt, lace-up sandals, deep burgundy lip, and center part ponytail, the look was a sexy shift from the sweet (though revealing) gown she wore earlier in the day to the Valentino show.

Foregoing animal print entirely, Kendall chose instead to don an all-military-chic ensemble featuring a pleated, braided leather, and gloriously structured dress from the Parisian fashion label. Finishing her sharp look with mesh booties, smoky eyes, a nude lip, and a hairstyle identical to Kim's, the up-and-coming model proved she has what it takes to stand side by side with some of fashion's greats.

Personally, I can't decide who's ensemble is hotter (and that's saying a lot, considering my deep distaste for Kim Kardashian). However, all it takes is one look at the above Instagram shot of Kendall towering over Kim in an intensely model-esque pose to know which of the two sisters wore her look best. At the end of the day, attitude is all that matters.

Images: Kim Kardashian/Instagram (2); Kendall Jenner/Instagram