Kendall Jenner Walks Chanel Runway at Fashion Week

Well, guys, it looks like Kendall Jenner really is a model. The reality star, who currently appears in the Givenchy print campaign, was up to her runway tricks again at London Fashion Week, this time strutting her stuff for Chanel Couture. Now that's a plum gig that any aspiring model would sever a limb for and Jenner nabbed it, so congrats to her, since she wants to be taken seriously as a model and to pursue it as a career. But before all the haters hate and assume that K. Jenner is being selected for choice modeling gigs because of her family ties and her famous-for-being-famous status, how about we all calm down and give credit where credit is due? There's a novel idea.

Jenner is extremely pretty. She is tall and incredibly leggy. Those are basic model pre-reqs and she has those down more so, than say, skills as a YA fiction author, since she and her sister Kylie Jenner are being pelted with universally bad reviews for their first foray into the book realm.

But Kendizzle becomes one with the clothes she is modeling and you are more aware of the outfit and the ensemble than you are the wearer, and that is important for Fashion Week runways. With most celebs and actresses, and even regular women, it's better to wear the dress, as opposed to the dressing wear you. But in the modeling realm, the reverse feels true. It's about the clothes, not the model, even though there are plenty of supermodels who break out and become stars themselves. Sure, we can all analyze how Jenner transforms her looks for runway shows, but we're doing that because of the way she wears the clothes.

Kylie Jenner's older sister has also mastered the blank model stare, but more on that in a sec.

Jenner is draped in an ornate, bird-like, and somewhat flapper-inspired outfit for Chanel Couture, according to her Instagram caption. Now that's what I call statement shoulders. Those make '80s shoulder pads look tame by comparison. I was totally struck by Jenner's strong, sculpted eyebrows and her fauxhawk. She totally looks like her mama Kris Jenner here, too. I've gotta hand it to her. She is fearless and allows her looks to be transformed while modeling. When she walked for Marc Jacobs, she rocked a sheer shirt and a brow-less, alien-like, and nude lipped look like it was her job. Oh, wait, it is!

Mama bear/momager Kris Jenner also posted a photo of her daughter walking in the Chanel show in a tartan/plaid/feather ensemble with a crossbody bag. This is where she has mastered the model version of the thousand-yard stare, offering a blank, almost mean look. That's a model staple and Miss Jenner has perfected it.

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Seriously, she's reinventing the Catholic schoolgirl uniform in this front-facing view. It's almost as though you wouldn't know this is Kendall Jenner unless we told you so. That boyish hair totally adds a punk edge, too. For this runway, Jenner has better hair than her reported ex-BF, the always well-coiffed Harry Styles of One Direction. Coiffing well is the best revenge when it comes to a well-coiffed former love, isn't it?

Images: Kendall Jenner/Instagram, Kris Jenner/Instagram, Getty