Stacey Dash Disagrees With Kanye West's Rape Comparison & Somehow Makes Things Worse

Kanye West has major issues with the paparazzi that apparently remain unresolved. He had a physical altercation with one of the notoriously pushy photographers at LAX and then commanded another paparazzo to shut the hell up for the rest of ever. In his typical dramatic, self-absorbed fashion, West thought it would be a good idea to try and convince everyone that being subjected to paparazzi harassment is like being raped. In turn, tons of people called West out on his bullshit analogy, including Clueless star and Fox News contributor Stacey Dash, who took the gross analogy one step further, and suggested the rapper's obvious misconceptions on rape could be cleared up with a stay at Rikers Island.

"For Kanye to say ‘rape,’ maybe he needs to spend some time on Rikers Island," Dash said. "Go to Rikers for a while, and then he’ll know what rape is."It's glaringly obvious that West doesn't take kindly to criticism, but let's hope he doesn't bother responding to Dash's absolutely insane retort. It's one thing for her to address West's need to sensationalize his issues with the paparazzi to the point of comparing it to rape, which was totally uncalled for and beyond insensitive, but Dash's fight fire with fire approach of suggesting West experience rape as a way to teach him a lesson is really no better than West's original comment. They both have huge lessons to learn when it comes to arguing their points, and making over-the-top, offensive statements to express disagreement is just not the way to go. If West forgoes his usual outspokenness (just this one time), it would be for the best because having this play out in a public manner would only make matters worse. If they do choose to have a discussion, they could resolve this without sparking another nasty celebrity feud, especially considering the similarities West shares with Dash.For one, both Dash and West are well-acquainted with controversy outside of their respective careers, such as voicing unpopular opinions and criticizing high-profile individuals. Dash owes her recent surge in popularity (and her new Fox gig) to her controversial views and statements, like when her public support for Mitt Romney pissed off Twitter, or when she publicly slammed Obama and even Oprah.As for West, we all know there's no love lost between him and President Obama, and he, too, has no qualms about calling out high-profile people and entities, including former President George Bush and more recently, luxury brand Louis Vuitton.

Even amongst extreme criticism, both West and Dash refuse to back down and choose to stand firm in their opinions, even when their outspoken views lead to them being ridiculed, ostracized, and criticized even more. They even have somewhat of a history, with Dash starring in West's music video for "All Falls Down."

Although neither West nor Dash are masters of diplomacy, they could use the fact that they share common ground as to disallow this controversy to create yet another.