The Jackson Family Will Star in New Reality Series But What Are Real Their Intentions?

Just when it appeared that the dust had finally settled around the remnants of any Jackson family drama, some little-known relatives of the famous musical brood have emerged from virtual obscurity to bring their story to the spotlight. Billboard reports that extended members of the Jackson family has signed on to star in a reality show set to debut November 18 on Reelz.

Instead of featuring the usual players like Janet, Paris, Katherine, or Joe Jackson, the show will introduce the family of Alejandra Jackson, ex-wife of Jermaine Jackson. Although the Jackson family hasn't been in the news much since the fiasco surrounding Michael Jackson's alleged lovechild, the last thing they need is more of their family drama publicized. But of course, the relatives of this new reality show feel like their story needs to be heard to clear up any "preconceived notions" held by the public, according to Alejandra's son Randy Jr. No, that wasn't a typo—Alejandra had two children by Randy Jackson before marrying his brother Jermaine. "It's a long story," Jackson said about the situation. Obviously, that's a potential storyline that will likely garner tons of interest.

These Jacksons wouldn't be the first of the famous family to join reality TV. La Toya Jackson is no stranger to reality TV with appearances on Celebrity Apprentice, RuPaul's Drag Race, America's Next Top Model, and she chronicled her personal life on Life with La Toya on Oprah Winfrey's OWN. She and her brother Jermaine also appeared on the British reality show Celebrity Big Brother.The fact that there are more Jacksons who feel their story is worthy of public consumption isn't the most original or shocking idea, therefore it's worth wondering if this show is just another attempt to cash in off the family's past controversies or even all the hoopla surrounding Michael Jackson's death. Hopefully whatever they choose to reveal turns out to be more interesting than what it appears to be on the surface, because if its sole intention is to bring them fame by adding to the family drama, it might be best left as a story untold.