'The Fosters' Maia Mitchell Teases That Callie & Wyatt Might Survive Season 2 After All & That's Great

Could this finally be the true end of Brallie? ABC Family's The Fosters Season 2 premieres on June 16 and it looks like at least one Season 1 romance is here to stay. Callie Jacobs herself, Maia Mitchell, teased that Callie and Wyatt will stay together in an interview with TVLine — at least for a little while. And all Fosters fans should rejoice because Callie will finally stop screwing her life up with Brandon and that's a very, very good thing, especially now that Callie has to try to cope with finding her father.

When we last left Callie and Wyatt in the Season 1 finale, they were kissing outside of the Foster house. And, while the moment was adorable, we still weren't so sure as to whether or not Callie could stick with it. I, for one, wondered whether or not she'd run back to the painful situation with Brandon after she found out about his injuries. Or if she'd self-destruct and either run away or call it quits on Wyatt because all Fosters fans know that Callie thinks she doesn't deserve help with her problems. But, luckily for all of us that 'shipped Callie's relationship with the beautifully floppy-haired Wyatt, they're going to get through all of the drama.

Mitchell opened up to TVLine on Sunday and talked everything that's ahead for Callie in Season 2 of ABC Family's breakout series. And, if I wasn't already wildly excited for Season 2 to premiere, I am now because we finally might be able to root for Callie without wanting to face-palm every damn episode. The actress teased the emotional hurdles that her character will face to reporter Vlada Gelman, especially those that involve her biological father and the "hiccup" her relationship with Wyatt will face in Season 2. And things look promising for the soon-to-be adopted Callie Jacobs.

The actress told Gelman that fans will see Callie and Wyatt's relationship "on solid ground" throughout the season and that, "It's definitely young love." Sigh — full of possibility. In the first promo for The Fosters' Season 2, we did see Callie and Wyatt considering sealing the deal, so perhaps that's what Mitchell means when she says that we'll see them "enjoying each other"? But that sexual tension is going to be difficult to act on — which reminds me of something Wyatt said to Callie early on in their relationship in Season 1:

Callie has intimacy problems. We know this — especially after the abuse she took in her relationship with Liam — and it's going to take a toll on her and Wyatt taking their relationship to the next level. Mitchell teased that Callie's going to work through that this season, but luckily for her, Wyatt's kind of the perfect guy to do that with. The actress told TVLine that the pair have strong feelings for one another and that Callie "trusts that he has her best interests at heart." I mean, duh. If anything, Wyatt has been a positive force in Callie's life that's forced her to get herself on track when she's teetering on the rails.

Were you as freaked out as I was about the impending "hiccup" in their relationship? You totally thought it had something to do with Brandon, didn't you? That's okay — I did too, but, alas, it does not. After reading through Mitchell's interview, she only mentions said minor hurdle in Callie and Wyatt's quickly evolving relationship during the part about the pair exploring their sexuality. And NOT during her answers to questions about lingering feelings for Brandon or about the impending introduction to her biological father.

So, what does this mean for Callie's psychological storyline in Season 2? That it'll be a lot more stable than during The Fosters' breakout first season and Wyatt will be primarily responsible for that. Mitchell also explained that Wyatt is really going to help Callie sail throw this situation with her biological father smoothly because he's become her rock and someone that she really can trust. If anything, I'm excited for Callie to finally learn that self-destructing and crawling into her shell aren't the only options when she faces a challenge. And well, that Brallie is totally over — hell yeah.

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