17 Things We Really Miss About Summer Break


Now that we're (technically) adults, "summer break" is just an album on Facebook we get to peruse while sobbing into our glasses of wine. Remember when you had three whole months off? Remember when "Monday" wasn't even a concept? Ever since elementary school, you would countdown the days until summer vacation. And God, do we miss it.

You would know you were getting close when your notebooks and planners started to become all frayed on the sides, when standardized testing rolled around its ugly corner, and when even your teachers seemed to stop caring. It was almost unbearable in May, when the days started to become warmer and you started busting out those shorts. As the beaches slowly unfurled with more and more tourists, you knew your time would also come. But now that we're all grown up and work during the week, summer vacation is just a distant, fond memory.

As the sun blasts its UV-rays and light, you’re stuck in an office typing away and drinking lukewarm coffee. The beaches, lakes, and pools are calling your name, but you’re busy in a meeting. Sure, there are weekends, and they’re awesome, but it’s just NOT the same. We all miss our summer break, where days lazily rolled into each other, and there were no such things as responsibilities. Here are 17 things we desperately miss about summer break:

Throwing a homework bonfire

This was all the ultimate “F YOU” to everything you were put through in school. All those pointless quizzes, busy-work, and notes you so neatly kept in your spiral notebook. Burn, baby, burn!

Swimming at the pool all day

Spending the day at the pool was an endless cycle of splashing around for an hour, jumping in the hot tub, getting out of the hot tub and reading a magazine, and then jumping back in the pool when sweat started to collect on your collar bone. Times was rough.

Watching Judge Judy and Jerry Springer

So this is what American television is like during the day: People violently assaulting each other while a D-list celebrity yells at them to get their act together. Daytime TV is where you first learned about baby daddies and crack babies. Oh, how we miss you, daytime TV.

Eating Freezies/Otterpops/those red and yellow ombre popsicles all day long

Who needed real food when you had sweet frozen treats that keep you cool? (Not to mention your epically fast metabolism...)

Having the time to read, like, two books a week

Not only were you at the library every day checking out all the books you didn’t have time to read, but you were also at the library where there was air conditioning. Heaven much?

so. many. sleepovers.

Tuesday night sleepover? Why not! The only responsibility we had was maybe summer camp, but it’s not like that requires a full eight hours of sleep, anyway. Bring on the Pop Secret and video cassettes!

Wearing your swimsuit all day long

Because you never knew if you were just going to hit up the pool again. (Yeast infections were not yet a concept.)

Sleeping in until noon and staying up until three a.m.

Summer does not know time. All it knows is that you were able to sleep like the dead until noon, and party way after Taco Bell’s late night menu was available.

eating out of a fridge stocked by parents

You didn't have to worry about your sack lunch that contained a sad and squished pb&j, a warm cheese stick, and slightly not-cold-enough Capri Sun. You could just waltz in the kitchen at any time and make yourself a grilled cheese. Or just go with popsicles.

Selling lemonade

Or at least, having the best intentions to sell lemonade, but then drinking all of said lemonade because it was so cold and perfectly sour and sweet.

Water balloon fights

Although these were typically reserved for summer birthday parties, they were super fun nonetheless. Yes, we could technically still have them, but your parents aren't there to plan the logistics anymore, and turns out that carefree fun requires some serious foresight.

demolishing your knees on a Slip ‘n Slide

One of the best parts of summer was whipping out the iconic yellow and blue plastic that would, in a matter of hours, destroy your parent’s lawn. But it was so, so worth it.

BBQ smells, all the time

Forget perfume or body spray; the scent of meats and veggies being cooked over a charcoal grill was to-die-for.

forgetting what day of the week it is

Is it Monday? No wait, it’s still Sunday. Tuesday? Nope, it’s Saturday. Why even bother with dates when it all FEELS EXACTLY THE SAME?!

Reading every single magazine front to back

Finally you can flip through winter’s best fashion trends!

Going to the water park — during the week

When your cool cousins took you to the water park on a Wednesday, there was no way you would have to stand in line shivering for an hour while you waited to go tubing down your favorite slide.

Back to school shopping!

Even though summer break was incredible, nothing really beats buying new pencils and Mudd blue jeans. Labor day sales just aren't the same. (Not to mention, these days, your parents aren't buying.)

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