10 Best Style Moments in 'When Harry Met Sally'

Can you believe When Harry Met Sally is celebrating its 25th anniversary today? Sure, it takes a film a certain amount of time to build up to the classic status that the movie has earned, but it's still a shock. I mean, when you think about it, the film still holds up extremely well — it's quotably hilarious, and it's still a highlight of pretty much every self-respecting "Top 10 Romantic Comedies" compilation.

In fact, 25 years from its release date, it's still one of the great romantic comedies of all time. After all, the other films in the genre have to compete with Billy Crystal's impassioned love speech at the end of the film and Meg Ryan's iconic fake orgasm scene. Also, Crystal and Ryan's chemistry? According to Crystal, off the charts! Heck, Mindy Kaling loves it, and that's enough reason to celebrate it as any.

So with all that in mind, I think it's time to take a look at some of the film's best fashion moments!

Disclaimer: The use of the word "best" in this post may be a little misleading — it was the '80s after all. Perhaps a more fitting label would be more along the lines of "most interesting," "most iconic," or even just "most most."

10. Sally's High-Waisted Bermuda Shorts

They were voluminous, khaki, and came just above the knee. Horrendous, sure, but you have to love Sally Albright for pairing them with a prim button-down/cardigan combo. Also, check out those Farrah Faucett waves!

Yeah, let's be honest: It's only Meg Ryan's inherent charm that holds this outfit together.

9 and 8. Sally's Red Turtleneck/Harry's White Fisherman Sweater

Sally's red turtleneck looked quite cute with her black pencil skirt, but it's Harry's fisherman sweater that's kind of stealing the show right now. Iconic.

7. Red Turtleneck, Take 2

This time, she paired it with a maroon blazer, a cross-body bag, and mom jeans. It's a veritable explosion of look!

6. Sally's Central Park Duds

I think it's safe to say that Mindy Kaling would approve of Sally's tweed blazer and floral blouse ("That mixed print life"), and there's something very Annie Hall about her hat.

5. Impromptu Karaoke Sesh at Sharper Image

High-waisted pencil skirts have made their way back to fashionable again! Also, can you say "Surrey with a Fringe on Top?"

4. Sally's Bridesmaid Dress

Okay, so the puffed sleeves are kind of irreconcilable. That said, she's definitely rocking her perm and the forest green velvet with plenty of aplomb.

3 and 2. Harry's Argyle Vest/Sally's Business Wear

A plaid vest, a maroon bow tie, and a Peter Pan collar — could this look get any better? Harry's also wearing the heck out of that sweater vest.

Bonus: Blown-out feathered bob, and the "white man's underbite."

1. Sally's NYE Number

Off the shoulder with elbow length gloves? Never goes out of style.

Images: Giphy (2), humandisaster, roselesli, imphoebobuffay, darren--kliss/Tumblr, Columbia Pictures/IMDb