This Video Will Leave You Asking Questions

Former Rilo Kiley front woman Jenny Lewis's video "Just One of The Guys" has hit the Web. The song, which surfaced last month, is super catchy while also introspective, and it's the perfect summertime jam for any girl, like myself, who without question is just not one of the guys. What can I say — I'm a salad and wine woman at heart. My favorite part about sports is the guacamole on the snack table, and I love mason jars. The video, which features Brie Larson, Kristen Stewart, and Anne Hathaway as poorly dressed dudes with terrible facial hair (yes, that's really them) totally gets the girls' girl.

Not only that, but it's thought provoking. Here are some questions you might ask yourself after watching the video:

  • Why did Lewis choose Hathaway and Stewart, two of the most frequently criticized women in Hollywood, for her video? Is it because she's SoOOo *~*alt*~* that she thought it would help their street cred? Or is it because she's soOO *~*alt*~* that she doesn't give two shits?
  • Does Larson identify with the plight that Stewart and Hathaway share?
  • Did Hathaway and Stewart agree to star in the video as a way of giving the middle finger to all of the cool girls in Hollywood (the always candid and quotable J. Law and Shailene Woodley, for instance), who seem like they're "just one of the guys"?
  • Does Larson think she needs to be a part of that proverbial middle finger, too?
  • What's up with the Adidas tracksuits? Is it product placement or are these "guys" just members of the Happy Retro Douchebag Clan?
  • Why does anything Adidas make me think of poor romantic decisions I made in my formative years?
  • Why would Lewis ever want to be "one of the guys" if they are obnoxious men (albeit, hilariously acted) with mustaches to rival the namesake 'stache of Pornstache? Oh, wait — I get it. BE YOURSELF, KIDDOS. You don't need to be one of the guys. Especially if they wear tracksuits.

The track is off of Lewis's new album The Voyager, which is available to purchase on July 29.

Image: Jenny Lewis/YouTube