What? This Isn't Your Dream Relationship?

First seasons of television programs can be hit or miss, as shows struggle to find their voice. But Brooklyn Nine-Nine , soon returning for Season 2, surprised everyone with a tight ensemble comedy straight out of the gate, even snagging star Andy Samberg a Golden Globe. The best thing about the show is the way it'll let you delight in sitcom tropes while throwing some curve balls at you, like, for example, the finale which put Charles Boyle and Gina Linetti in bed together.

But before that, the office crush Detective Charles Boyle has for his co-worker Detective Rosa Diaz was your standard issue sitcom fare. Even the way Diaz ends up feeling weird when Boyle becomes engaged during the season is a time honored TV staple of characters only realizing they like someone when an obstacle is in the way. But in delightful Brooklyn Nine-Nine fashion, the real romantic cliff hanger of the season finale wasn't about Boyle and Diaz's fate (or even Samberg's Detective Peralta's love for Santiago), but Boyle's super surprising hook up with Gina.

Gina is, hands down, one of the best parts of the show (which is saying something in a cast of exceptionally funny people). Chelsea Peretti's portrayal of the dry, sassy, and self-serving Gina deliver some of the show's best moments, like when she decides to add emojii into her daily speech:

The emojii scene is great because it also foreshadows their hookup, as Gina suggests the heartbroken Boyle just needs some "rebound nookie." And rebound nookie was exactly what she ended up providing him. What does the future hold for the unlikely duo? Peretti commented on the twist in a red carpet interview, where she offers up ideas on how the relationship will progress, suggesting it will definitely continue into the second season, but probably in a dysfunctional way with some awkwardness thrown in for good measure. I can only imagine Boyle, per his usual tendencies, might go "full Boyle" and fall head over heels for Gina. If his infatuation with Rosa is any indication, he is definitely not scared off by much, so I doubt Gina's stone-cold sass will deter him.

As for Gina, let's face it — she'll love the drama, because it's kind of her jam. She loves stirring up any and all office shenanigans, often putting more effort into messing with her co-workers than, you know, doing actual work. She's basically the human embodiment of a "this is gonna be good" GIF so we can definitely expect some over-the-top attempts to make Boyle or Rosa jealous. The real question is: how will Rosa react? I think she'll definitely try to play it cool for a little bit before admitting that it bothers her. Could the Gina-Boyle hookup be the final catalyst to finally make Rosa realize she has feelings for him? I for one can't wait to see how Gina plans on taking their hookup and using it for her own amusement to shakeup the rest of the gang. Though it would be the ultimate jokes-on-Gina if Rosa doesn't care at all, and instead celebrates Boyle getting his rebound action.

Images: Eddy Chen/FOX; mrhankey/Tumblr