NBC's 'Parenthood' Season 5 Preview Features Some Exciting Reveals (Hello, Wedding!)

The first trailer for Parenthood Season 5 is here, and in response, I would like to both thank and chastise NBC. The network deserves some recognition for giving Parenthood a full 22-episode fifth season, since it has long been one of those shows forever teetering between renewal and cancellation. They should also be commended for finally giving the family dramedy a good time slot, Thursdays at 10 p.m., following a two hour comedy block with Michael J. Fox's highly-anticipated sitcom as its lead-in. But I'm still a little pissed. NBC has the nerve to title this lovely preview "Discover Parenthood."

Discover it? In its fifth season? Maybe if the peacock had been properly promoting it for the past four years it wouldn't need to be discovered.

Luckily, last season's much talked about breast cancer storyline, and Monica Potter's highly praised performance, have lead more viewers to the cult of Braverman and hopefully, Season 5 will see higher ratings. Watch the preview below, which reminds us of some of the fourth season finale's best moments and reveals what's in store when it returns on September 26.


Is anyone else crying already? Besides a healthy Kristina, it looks like Season 5 will see Crosby adjusting to life with a new baby, the return of Ray Romano's Hank, and most surprisingly, a wedding for Amber. Last time we saw Mae Whitman's character, she and boyfriend Ryan were happily walking and looked at a ring display in a store window, but in a playful, maybe-someday way — or so I thought. It looks like the two are actually serious and we might get to see another Braverman wedding. If you aren't a Parenthood fan, you should be. What are you waiting for? You've got less than two months to catch up on four seasons worth of drama, celebration, love, heartbreak, triumphs and tears, courtesy of TV's most entertaining family.