Does Ariana Still Support Her 'Big Brother'?

by Kadeen Griffiths

In case you've been watching Big Brother on mute, Frankie Grande is Ariana Grande's older half-brother. If you missed that little detail, don't worry. He'll bring it up again soon. We know from watching Big Brother that Frankie absolutely loves his sister to the point where he just can't stop talking about her even though he supposedly never wants the house guests to find out about that connection. However, doing some research outside of the show will quickly reveal that she loves him just as much as he loves her. Seriously, Ariana Grande and Frankie Grande are the cutest siblings ever, pretty much.

However, as Frankie's actions in the house become more and more morally ambiguous and he's stabbing friends in the back left and right, is he losing his sister's support as he slowly loses the audience's support? With house guests whispering about how they just can't trust him and a huge blowup in Zankie's future once Zach finds out Frankie betrayed him, what does Ariana Grande think of all this? Well, the short answer is that Frankie could probably set half the house on fire and Ariana wouldn't love him any less, but that's to be expected.

What are some of Ariana's other thoughts and opinions on her brother's Big Brother game? Well, she's got a lot of them.

1. She still ships Zankie 100%.

It's a hard time to be a Zankie fan these days, knowing how little Frankie seems to actually care about Zach and knowing how many house guests are totally right in trying to convince Zach not to trust Frankie. However, Ariana Grande is basically the president of the Zankie fan club even now. Between retweeting transcripts of their interactions to tweeting pictures of them together with her own commentary, as far as she's concerned this ship is still going strong.

2. She campaigned for his Team America votes.

Frankie was probably already guaranteed to be voted onto Team America considering the first thing we learned about him is that he's related to Ariana Grande, but Ariana was not taking any chances. After taking over his Twitter, she encouraged his followers (and any of hers that had followed her over here) to keep voting him onto the alliance because it was crazy important and, hey, when Ariana Grande asks you to do something then you do it.

3. She suggests strategies for him.

When Victoria started grilling Frankie about his family in the kitchen, Ariana was on the edge of her seat with nervousness that Victoria would figure out their connection. Naturally, knowing what kind of game Big Brother is, Ariana encouraged Frankie to have some good lies ready in case Victoria did know. In light of that, she probably doesn't mind any of Frankie's backstabbing and alliance hopping. He's got a game to win, after all.

4. She thinks he's hilarious.

If you think that Frankie is funny and charming, then you've got nothing on Ariana Grande. His jokes do not pass without appreciation from his little sister, who retweeted one with emojis of her laughing so hard there were tears in her eyes. The fact that it was a dirty joke probably made it funnier.

5. She never wants to miss a thing.

Every single time something happens on the live feeds that Ariana Grande missed for one reason or another (being a famous superstar probably makes it hard to watch TV 24/7), she asks her fans to fill her in with a link or a summary. It's adorable how she never wants to miss any of his important moments or anything he might have said to/about her so they can joke about it later.

6. His whole family watches together.

Admittedly, that isn't always a good thing.

7. She live tweets the episodes.

If you need an extra excuse to be watching Big Brother, then the fact that Ariana Grande live tweets the episodes from Frankie's account should be enough. She gives us insights into what Frankie must be thinking (apparently he really loves Harry Potter) and reacts hilariously to every little thing that happens.

8. She misses him a lot.

Regardless of how Frankie's game goes, and although she definitely wants him to win, Ariana Grande wouldn't be upset to see Frankie Grande finally come home. The longer he's gone, the more she seems to miss him. That more than anything else is proof that no matter what Frankie does or says in the Big Brother house, he's a good person and a great brother.