No More "Potential Breakup Songs" for Her

It's definitely engagement season. Another one of your childhood icons has just answered "yes" to a very important question, so prepare to feel old yet again. Drumroll, please... Aly Michalka is engaged! You remember Aly, right? Keely on Phil of the Future ? Half of Aly and AJ, the group behind “Potential Breakup Song?” I won’t front, that’s a number I never skip when it pops up on shuffle. Whenever I linger on that tune, I wonder, "Hey, what’s Aly Michalka up to?" She was in Easy A in 2010, but since then, she just hasn’t been on my radar.

Even if she hasn’t been active in my mind, she has certainly been active on Instagram. As an aside, Aly Michalka’s Instagram reveals the following about her personality: she’s a hippie headband, shabby chic, bohemian kind of girl. But back to business! Michalka announced her engagement to fiancé Stephen Ringer via photograph late Tuesday night. With a caption, reading "7/8", she revealed that the actual engagement occurred last week on July 8. Let me just say, her rock looks like something Sisyphus would be condemned to roll up a hill for eternity. I mean, damn, that diamond is something.

Michalka and Ringer (and all of us since she'll definitely Instagram it) have their wedding to look forward to, but for now let’s have a catch-up session with this former Disney star.

Here's what Aly Michalka's been doing...

Getting engaged to this hipster man

That’s right, this handsome bearded fellow is the one who slipped that hulking rock onto Michalkas’s delicate finger. The lucky man is Stephen Ringer, an LA-based cinematographer. Ringer worked with Michalka on the independent film Sequoia , which we can speculate is exactly how they met. The happy couple just celebrated their 1 year, 7 month anniversary, according to E! Online. Congrats to these two! Now, just taking a wild guess, are they going to register at Anthropologie for their wedding gifts?

Still making music as one half of Aly & Aj — erm, 78Violet

Oh yes indeedily do, neighborinos. Aly and AJ are still recording music, but now they’re going by the name 78Violet. Last year, they released the song “Hothouse". Subsequently, they made this seven and a half minute long music video that resembles a Free People ad. PS, am I the only one wondering if they're burying a dead body?


In addition to working with her hubby-to-be on Sequoia and making music with her sis, Michalka has kept her triple threat status intact. She has a gig as a recurring castmember on Two and a Half Men. Specifically, she plays Brooke, Amber Tamblyn’s esthetician girlfriend. At around 52 second into this vid, she gives Ashton Kutcher a total "Brozillian" wax. Yikes.

Burying her nose in books

Take a look at Michalka’s Instagram and you’ll see that she’s been hot on her summer reading grind. Really though, she wants you to know that she’s reading all of the books.

All ready for the beach, this lady is.

Michalka is skilled at choosing aesthetically pleasing fabrics to place her books upon.

See what I mean?

She's a veritable book club of one!

Well, guys, mazel tov! Aly, I'm glad that any hypothetical breakup songs can officially be put away into your archive. That doesn't mean that I'll stop listening to them though.

Images: Aly Michalka/Instagram