KKK Recruits In SC, And They've Got Candy

by Lauren Barbato

If you ever wondered how the Ku Klux Klan can go around recruiting members in this day and age, here's your answer: bribery. With candy. The Associated Press reported that the KKK handed out invitations with candy in South Carolina, leaving the invites on residential streets. People in the area found the candy — which came in individual Ziplock bags — on Saturday night and Sunday morning.

Each bag of candy came equipped with a piece of paper inviting South Carolina residents to join the white supremacist group. "Save Our Land, Join the Klan," the paper said. It featured an image of a Klan member riding a horse while holding the American and Confederate flags.

The paper also included a phone number that led to an automated message about the Klan's efforts to stop illegal immigration, because why not? I called the number listed on the paper and this is the message I received from the Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan:

Be a man join the Klan! Illegal immigration is destroying America. It's going to cost the American taxpayer over $113 billion dollars a year. They also bring along with them third-world diseases that haven't been in the United States since the 1920s, like leprosy, which is spreading through New York ... These [racial slur] are already criminals when they cross our borders illegally. It's time for forced immigration law and send them back! And put troops on our borders with a shoot-to-kill policy. ... Always remember if it ain't white, it ain't right. White power!
Spencer Platt/Getty Images News/Getty Images

As expected, the residents of Oconee County, South Carolina, were not too pleased about waking up Sunday morning to find these candy-filled invitations sitting on their driveways. Many residents in the area are now afraid that the KKK is actively recruiting.

"[I] talked to several neighbors. They were very angry, very upset, very ashamed at the same time - that this exists," one resident, who didn't want to be named, told FOX Carolina. "Ashamed to face our neighbors that do not have the same color skin that we do."

A member of the Klan told the news source that the group held a recruitment event over the weekend — a national night ride, where KKK members drop literature on people's driveways and doorsteps. The KKK reportedly holds these recruitment events three times a year.

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The KKK is currently in its third installment, having reorganized after World War II. According to the KKK website, people who want to join the group must fill out an application and mail it to the Klan's national office P.O. Box, which is located in Pelham, North Carolina. If you were wondering what type of person you have to be to join the KKK, here you go.

IF YOU ARE A PURELY WHITE AMERICAN- IF YOU ARE AGAINST COMMUNIST - INSPIRED RACE MIXING - IF YOU ARE A TRUE PATRIOT - JOIN TODAY! If you are a native- born white American Citizen, 18 years or older White person of temperate habits, of Christian Faith, and believe in White Supremacy and 100% Americanism please fill in below.

There's no information listed about the Klan's recruiting events, but the group does invite (white) people to join its (racist) national rally in North Carolina.

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This isn't the first time residents of the South have woken up to KKK propaganda on their doorsteps. According to New Lennox Patch, residents of the unincorporated town in Illinois received similar KKK fliers last October.