Photo of The Rock From the '90s Shows He Was Such a Fanny Pack Wearin' Rebel — PHOTO

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson exemplifies what it means to have a surging amount of testosterone. He's a wrestler, he's a man of men, and he's now the name-shouting, titular epic hero in the upcoming movie Hercules. (In case you forgot who he is, you can watch this trailer. He. Is. Hercules.) But long before Johnson was The Rock in 2014, he was The Rock in the '90s, and some delightful Redditor pointed out that he was equally as masculine and cool in the '90s. He also wore a fanny pack and had quite a haircut. And don't forget about his golden chain and black turtleneck!

Unfortunately for The Rock, while we can forget about movies like Tooth Fairy (sorry, should I not have brought that one up?), this will likely live on in its Internet glory and in our memories for some time. But no harm is meant! If anyone was able to pull off the '90s, it was The Rock. And you know what? If he were to don this outfit today, he would still be supercool. No one is riffing on your model behavior, your high-waisted jeans, or your fanny pack, Dwayne Johnson... Except maybe that one Reddit commenter who called the fanny pack a "dick satchel."