'Big Brother' Nicole & Zach's Possible Showmance Is Going to Break Hayden's Heart

For fans of some of the existing showmances that have taken shape so far during this season of Big Brother , this news is going to make you question everything you know. Maybe that's a tad dramatic, but if you were hardcore shipping Haycole or Zankie, what you're about to read will change everything. The most-talked about showmances of the season, featuring Nicole and Hayden and Zach and Frankie might be in jeopardy, because a whole new couple is about to form in the house. Drum roll, please. What if Nicole and Zach became a showmance, and nobody saw it coming?

Stay with me here. I know it's bananas, but some recent evidence to come out of the live feed is pretty compelling. First of all, there's this photo of Nicole and Zach hugging it out, and Zach looks very into it. If you haven't been watching the live feed or keeping up with the spoilers online, Nicole has been wearing a frog suit for the better part of the week. When Nicole magically disappeared after being dethroned as HoH at the end of the Battle of the Block competition during Sunday night's episode, she was turned into a frog. Anyone who will snuggle with you while you're wearing that ridiculous frog outfit is a keeper.

You might be thinking to yourself, "Okay, a hug is just a hug. It doesn't necessarily have to be romantic." Well my friends, it turns out Zach actually wants to take things to the next level with Nicole. Zach reportedly announced during the live feed that he wants to take Nicole on a pizza date on Thursday, like you did when you were in eighth grade, remember?

So just like that, two of the biggest showmances of this season could be in trouble. Hayden, who clearly has the cutest puppy dog crush on Nicole, would probably be devastated to learn that she's been hanging out with Zach. However, he seems so smitten with Nicole, he would probably do anything to win back her heart. What else is there to do in the Big Brother house, anyway? Cody, who seemed to be flirting with Nicole early on this season, may be angry that Zach is interested in her as well. Nicole has been slow to make things "offish" with Hayden, denying his offers to kiss or visibly feeling awkward when he flirts with her. Maybe she's just not that into him?

As for Zach, his apparent showmance with Frankie has had so many ups and downs that maybe he's looking for someone else to get close to. Frankie has betrayed him on several occasions, so it would not only make sense emotionally but also for his game. But would Frankie be upset if Zach had a new showmance with Nicole? Judging by all of the besties Frankie has had this season, I'm sure he'll be just fine.

Image: Lisette M. Azar/CBS