Kim's New House Is Absolutely Insane — PHOTOS

Based on the previews alone, Season 3 of Bravo’s reality series Don’t Be Tardy looks to be the most exciting one yet. For Real Housewives of Atlanta original Kim Zolciak Biermann, there never seems to be a dull moment in the Biermann household, and with the addition of newborn twins, something tells me Kim isn’t going to have time to actually watch TV herself for the next, I don’t know, 10 years. In the midst of welcoming her twins Kane and Kaia, who were born in November 2013, the clan of now eight (EIGHT!) is moving into a house that can fit such a larger-than-life family.

And of course this house was not your average run of the mill house, with siblings sharing rooms and fighting for the bathroom every morning. When have we ever known Kim to do anything low-key? The Biermann’s new home is an astonishing 17,000 square-feet, with all of the amenities one could ever need. They have a movie theater, a basketball court — which is a lot subtler than a football field for Kroy, Kim’s NFL husband — a man cave for all of Kroy’s man cave needs, and then your usual mansion amenities: gym, pool, and spa.

From the pictures that Kim has shared on Instagram, the house is completely insane — in the best, most jealousy-inducing way possible. Check out these photos from the Biermann clan of their new digs.

An Aerial View

Kash's Heavenly Room

Kim's closet, of course

A waterfall in the backyard

The view from "the girls' TV room"

The backyard that looks more like a resort

Seriously, Can I Come Visit?

Images: Kim Zolciak-Biermann/Instagram (7); BrielleBiermann/Instagram