Taylor Swift's Enviable Summer Style, Volume II

Miss Taylor has been busy this summer! Between turning romper evangelist on us, relocating to New York City, being basically indistinguishable with Victoria's Secret Angel/supermodel Karlie Kloss (seriously, it is really hard to tell sometimes), getting a new kitten, sparking up dating rumors with bestie Ed Sheeran, and finishing up her international RED Tour, it doesn't seem like she would have room for much else.

And that, my friends, is where you'd be wrong. Her crazy successful music career (not to mention her high-profile baking excursions and equally high-profile brand ambassador-izing) have still left her with enough time to make the journey to and from her local gym seem like something out of New York Fashion Week (her looks most closely resemble the Kate Spade runway show, in case you were wondering).

Her style has definitely been updated over the years (do people even still remember that she used to be famous for her winsomely untamed curls, and her penchant for sundresses paired with cowboy boots?), and as the Fug Girls over at Go Fug Yourself so eloquently said, "I don't know when she decided to be an Anthropologie mannequin but it really works for her."

She did the first few weeks of summer very, very well, and now it's time for the sequel — so let's take a look at some of her best looks over the past few weeks:

1. In a Belted Shirtdress

Simple, yet classic (and her hair looks fab).

2. In All Black

I don't know if it's the Ray Bans, the perfectly fitted jumpsuit, the flawless red lipstick, the briefcase-like handbag, the shrugged jacket, the surly bodyguard, or some combination of all six factors, but she looks like she walked right out of a perfume ad (in actuality, she was shopping with her mom and dad).

3. In a Crop Top

I don't usually go for crop tops, but even a midriff-shy old lady like myself has to admit that this outfit is pretty darn cute.

4. In Cutoffs

Modern retro with a hint of Rosie the Riveter thrown in.

5. In a Sundress

A sundress is never amiss in this weather — especially when paired with classic pumps and a vintage-inspired print.

6. In Pastel Separates

Quite possibly one of her best looks, ever. The mint green of the blouse plays very nicely with the pale yellow sweater. And as always, the well-deployed accessorizing takes things to the next level!

7. In Printed Pants

I take it back — this may be the new chicest look of all. Besides, her ever-so-slightly damp hair gives exactly the right amount of that coveted je ne sais quoi she needs to keep it cool in NYC. I see you sneaking in the background, Austin Swift.