This Censored 'Lion King' Will Change The Way You Look At The Movie — VIDEO

The Internet just loves gettin' dirty with Disney movies, doesn't it? Staying true to its penchant for sullying our sweet animated memories, the Internet has now brought us the censored version of The Lion King , courtesy of the very funny Jake Vale. Much like other "censored" versions of Disney movies (like the never-ending YouTube video behemoth that is Frozen), it lets our imaginations run rampant with adult Disney mad libs.

When a "pouncing" lesson turns into a "bleeping" lesson, well, all hell breaks loose in my imagination, since apparently, I have the sense of humor of a prepubescent boy. (But so does the whole Internet! So I'm in good company.)

Anyhow, a censored Lion King is about a whole lot more than just Pride Rock, avenging your father's death, and what Jeremy Irons sounds like as an evil lion. It's about crossbreeding! Man, there is a lot of lion sex going on here! Scar wants a land where lions and hyenas can bone together, and Simba, Timon, and Pumba just wanna talk about R-rated stuff. The animal kingdom likes to get it on.

Ah, remember the simple days when you were a young warthog? Childhood was so... G-rated, wasn't it?


Image: thejakevaleshow/Youtube