Wanna Be In 'Star Wars'? Here's Your Chance

Omaze is really killing it these days, isn't it? This seems to be the season for movies, authors, and general personalities asking fans to pledge money for the chance to hang out with them and/or appear in one of their various works. The most recent opportunity: You could get a small role in Star Wars: Episode VII . Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart are even here to vouch for it! They're also here to battle.

This comes on the heels of Omaze's auctioning off of the chance to eat ribs with Kevin Spacey, as he does in House Of Cards. Before that there was the opportunity to be Kristen Bell's date to the Veronica Mars movie premiere. Over on Prizeo, there was also the chance to spend $20,000 to have George R. R. Martin kill you in the next Song Of Ice And Fire book, and to hang with Mark Ruffalo on the Avengers: Age Of Ultron set. It's like these sites are the new Kickstarter, only instead of funding indie art you're helping rich people raise money for charity in return for the chance to hang out with said rich people.

In this particular case, you don't have to spend the $20,000 Martin was demanding. Instead, you can pay $10 to be entered for the chance to play a background alien. All funds from the raffle will go to UNICEF’s Innovation Labs, and you'll also likely please Colbert and Stewart, who battled it out in re: their Star Wars knowledge in the promo video for the fundraiser:

If you're interested in spending $10 for the chance to maybe stand behind Harrison Ford and/or Carrie Fischer and/or Lupita Nyong'o, you can find more details over at Omaze.

Image: Omaze