Nicole Richie Gets 'Candid' In Her Reddit AMA — Did You Know She Has 5 Chickens?

Simple Life fans, rejoice! Nicole Richie is returning to reality TV with her new show Candidly Nicole . Because her web series was so successful, VH1 picked it up on their network. As a way to promote the show, Nicole Richie did a Reddit AMA Thursday afternoon where she invited fans to ask her anything. From choosing a favorite Britney Spears song to sharing how she met her husband Joel Madden, no topic was off limits. Looks like she's really great at that whole "being candid" thing, huh?

As expected, she was hilarious in the Q&A, but also super honest with her responses. Before we get to Richie's more in-depth answers, here are some fast facts: Pizza is her favorite food (isn't it everyone's?). Ginger is her favorite Spice Girl. She has five pet chickens — yes, five! If she had to pick one animal to be her butler, she says, "This is a lot of choices for me. But I would say an Octopus, because they can get more done." Smart thinking! Oh, and can't forget about karaoke. Her go-to song is Eminem's "Forgot About Dre."

Now here's everything else you've ever wanted to know about Nicole Richie:

Britney's Best Song

Even though she said it was tough to choose (obviously), here's her favorite Brit song: "Probably I'm A Slave 4 U, just because I was a little bit older at the time, I was probably 18 and I remember the video being so big, her MTV awards performance being so big, and I just remember everything at that time just seeming to make a big impact on my life!"

Joel Madden

How did she meet her husband? Well, she didn't give away too many details: "Joel and I met through a friend about 10 years ago. And that's how we met!"

Candidly Nicole

Because of course she has to talk about her new show, here's how she described it in one (really long) sentence: "It is a fun peek into the modern challenges of life / a comedy / a show where we're getting people's different perspectives / a destination for people who just want to laugh."

The Simple Life Memories

When asked about her most memorable Simple Life moment, she says, "Simple Life was so fun for me. I was 21, and you know, going through these different experiences and doing it with my best friend, and it was a really fun time in my life. One of the craziest things... I mean, sticking my hand up a cow is probably what stands out to me, and is a feeling I will never forget."

Important Advice

When asked what advice she'd give young people, Richie shared these words of wisdom, "Don't tweeze your eyebrows too soon."

Favorite Book

Am I the only one surprised Mitch Albom's book is her fave? Still, great choice: "One of my all-time favorite books is Tuesdays with Morrie, and I am currently not actually reading anything, and I am looking for a new book to start."


Finally she solved the mystery of her and Paris's go-to song, but it was a bit disappointing. She admits, "It doesn't mean anything. It's not even a word. And it's funny that it keeps coming up, because it had zero significance whatsoever. I don't know."

Family Matters

She says, "My favorite thing about being a mom is getting to relive your childhood all over again, that's one of my favorite things. And my favorite thing about being a wife? I have more freedom to just be crazy, because he's already stuck with me."

Her Last Meal

If she had to pick one last meal, of course it'd include an In-N-Out burger — and a ton of other delicious stuff: "ooh, a mixture of Tony Roma's, In n Out number 2, something fresh like a grilled vegetable salad, just something very fresh to keep everything moving, a little sushi, a shot of tequila. I think that'll do."

Yes, Nicole. That'll do!

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