Sarah Jessica Parker Announced Her Summer Shoe Tour Like a True "Carrie"

Even if, like me, you've only ever watched two episodes of Sex and the City, you probably know that Sarah Jessica Parker is most famous for playing shoe-obsessive fashion columnist Carrie Bradshaw. SJP did Bradshaw proud when she launched her own shoe collection earlier this year, in partnership with Nordstrom. If you're a fan of the shoes, the show, or both, you'll love the cheeky way SJP announced her upcoming summer shoe tour (I didn't know that was a thing until now, either).

The actress posted a cheeky Instagram video in which she's napping in a bathtub wearing elegant t-strap pumps in midnight blue and a sumptuous velvet dress. As the camera pans across her sleeping body we see a message written on the back wall of the tub in red lipstick. "Shhh. Do not disturb. Resting 4 summer shoe tour 2014. x, sj."

SJP assures us in the video's caption that an itinerary is forthcoming, and I hope it reveals something about what exactly a shoe tour entails. Is a shoe tour like a book tour? Do people line up to have their "Carrie" pumps autographed by Carrie herself? Will SJP stand behind a podium and talk at length about her shoe inspiration? Only time will tell. But for now, I give you the video, which is short and sweet. It's bound to peak your interest in the mysterious shoe tour of 2014.