Even For Kimye, This Is Ridiculous

Yes, yes — I know this is just a report from a gossip tabloid, and it could very well not be true. BUT, it's Friday, and this report from a gossip tabloid just happens to be hilarious, so I'm gonna run with it for now. Also, it helps that this couple is just the type of extravagant ridiculous to do something like this, so this actually could be true, meaning I'm not sacrificing my journalistic integrity as we speak. That said: According to Life & Style, obviously a source of hard-hitting news, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian reportedly hired body doubles for their daughter North and North's nanny in an effort to trick the paparazzi. And, apparently, they paid $800,000 to do it. Chump change for a rap king and a reality TV queen, right?

Grazia, who apparently published a piece on the report as well, said the following of the rumor (via IB Times ):

According to Grazia magazine, the power couple held auditions to find the perfect look-alike of their one-year-old daughter and paid $800,000 for that service.

"Kim and Kanye hired the look-alike to shield North from the paparazzi," an insider told the publication.

"There were auditions held in LA at a specialist agency. They also hired a body double nanny, who they hope will really throw the paps off the scent," the source added.

Oh yeah, that'll definitely do it. Body doubles for a one-year-old and her nanny — totally sane and justifiable decision, and a great way to spend $800,000 when other people in the world can barely afford tonight's dinner.

Anyway, like I said — this story could very well be fake. But, come on, it's Kimye. Of all the celebs in Hollywood, they're the only ones who would hire body doubles to evade the paparazzi. All I can say is that really hope next season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians catches Scott Disick's reaction to this news, if it is true, because that would be the only good thing to come out of it.

Image: Gurl, Tumblr