'Big Brother 16' Nominations Are In & They're Pretty Darn Sexist (Spoilers)

At the end of Thursday night's episode of Big Brother 16, the houseguests were duking it out in the Head of Household competition after unanimously (and unsurprisingly) voting off Devin the Douchey Dictator. In this HoH competition, the remaining houseguests were randomly paired off to carry tiny eggs through cages, because BB is all about stretching contestants to their physical and mental limits. When we left off, Zach and Amber were neck-in-neck with Frankie and Cody. Thanks to the Internet, we already knew which two houseguests won the HoH and which four they nominated before we finished our morning eggs.

Read on if you can't wait until Sunday.

After Julie Chen bid us adieu, we turned to the live feeds where Frankie and Cody were revealed to be the new HoH's. Shortly after, a veritable boys club consisting of Frankie, Cody, Zach, and Derrick assembled to discuss possible nominations. They named Brittany as their ultimate target, and floated Amber's name as a potential pawn. Cody was reticent about nominating Amber because he trusts her. (And likes giving her massages.)

I'll cut to the chase. Cody nominated Brittany and Victoria for eviction and Frankie put up Amber and Jocasta. That's right. Four girls.

Hold up. Victoria and Jocasta have done literally nothing in this game except look in the mirror and vomit, respectively. Sure, Amber is a pawn, but would it have killed Zach or Derrick to step up? Brittany is a little less random than Victoria and Jocasta, but part of me thinks Cody's just bitter he never got in on that MILF action, he so craved.

If we go back in history a little, Joey, the first houseguest evicted, was iced out for trying to start an all female alliance. Only two eviction ceremonies later, and the guys in the house are totally ganging up on the girls, and only really strategizing with one. If that.

It might be a little early to call sexism here, but it does seem very suspicious that four girls are staring down eviction, when there are so many more deserving candidates. Um, hello. Caleb should've been nominated. That guy is really creepy, and the way he treats Amber is gross, if not lecherous. Get him out of the house, stat, please.

Stay strong, ladies. I'm rooting for you.

Images: Sonja Fleming/CBS; Big Brother Net/Twitter