She's Editor-in-Chief of The #Wintourbomb

by Arielle Dachille

Fall 2014 Couture Season has been great fun for many reasons. The primary one being that it represented another opportunity to salivate over otherworldly gowns. Secondly, this Couture season gave us moments like this one between Emma Watson and J. Law. However, my favorite part of this Haute Couture season has been playing "Where's Wintour", which is naturally the fashion version of “Where’s Waldo." It’s pretty self-explanatory. Amongst the innumerable pictures of Couture show clothing caught in motion on Twitter, Anna Wintour can often be found lurkin’ in the background stealing the show’s thunder. Naturally though, because she’s the tastemaker emeritus of the fashion world, it’s not any ordinary photobomb. If anything, it’s a #Wintourbomb, the fanciest and most regal of all photobombs.

Yes, you heard it here first. #Wintourbombing is a thing. After all, Wintour’s a sitting duck hidden behind her trademark shades, and can’t help unintentionally photobombing clothing. You just can't miss her! If you check out the creepershots from this season’s Couture shows, you’ll have no doubt in your mind that this is part of a much larger pattern.

The most recent instance of the #Wintourbomb occurred this week at the Dolce and Gabbana Fall 2014 Couture show on the island of Capri in Italy. Against the otherworldly backdrop of a private Caprese grotto, the designers showed a collection of sumptuous gowns. Crowns, and jewel embellishments, and vibrant colours created a smorgasboard for the senses. Even amongst this stunning showcase, Wintour was able to distract attention from the clothing with her mere presence. Here she is #Wintourbombing, just above the train of this gown. What does this #Wintourbomb say? Not impressed:

We see her next at this season's Armani Prive Couture presentation, where she deftly ignores another look accessorized with statement headgear. True to the #wintourbomb stance, her legs are crossed and she appears distracted.

Here, she is seen looking on at the this season's Dior Couture showcase. Do we spy a smile of amusement on her notoriously nonplussed visage?

At Chanel Couture, she seems to actually be paying attention! Score for Karl...

Here she is again at Dior, just to the left of the model. She's wither coughing, scratching her nose, or perhaps smelling her hand. Even fashion editrixes get antsy.

This one is slightly off topic, but fun nonetheless. She will occasionally bestow a #Wintourbomb on a happy couple.

There you have her! The Editor-in-Chief of photobombing. Please, Anna, never change.

Images: @elisa_salvati, @luirob09, @popsugarfashion, @Esthetique_blog, @forbeslife, @infoadambrody/ Twitter