Cody's Twitter Shows His Love for Reality TV

Week four's Head of Household on CBS' Big Brother 16 , Cody Calafiore still has eight weeks to hang in there before the final elimination. While the jury's still out on what exactly is going on with the growing gender divide in the house, we can still indulge in all of the drama and intrigue Big Brother has to offer, like how Cody might be a frontrunner to replace Zach in his showmance with Frankie. It just might work— the internet is littered with gifs of Cody and Frankie getting goofy together, like their up close and personal photo session in the Big Brother house photo booth.

And I don't blame Frankie for trying to get to know Cody better. It's no doubt that Cody is mighty popular; with just under 18,000 twitter followers, the former underwear model has got quite the fanbase outside of the house as well. While his Twitter is currently being manned by his brother, Paul (who also models), Cody definitely had some interesting and downright surprising things to say online before his entry into the Big Brother house. Here are my picks for Cody's best and most shocking twitter revelations.

He Was A Fan Of Reality Shows Before Starring In One

Yup, Cody was anticipating and bitching right along every other dedicated fan of The Bachelor before entering the house.

And A Fan of Juan Pablo

...passionate though he may be, his tastes definitely don't line up with most other fans of the series.

In Fact, He Just Loves TV In General

So I bet he's having a blast actually getting to make television himself.

He Lived With His Parents Before Big Brother

He had no problem joking about it on twitter, either.

He Stops to Ask the Big Questions

What does it all mean? Do we condition ourselves to limit our reach, even when given more space to do so? #Deep

He's Been Supportive of His Brother's Modeling Career

No competition between these two brothers, as it's clear the back and forth social love is mutual.

He Cares About Your Boobs, Ladies

While at Temple University, the 23-year old was a member of TU's "Dudes for Boobs" which, despite the name is an official University Partner with Susan G. Komen for the cure.

Images: Cliff Lipson/CBS; codycalafiore/Instagram