Casey Kasem's Body Is Missing Following His Death in Sad, Strange Twist

It's probably safe to say that the drama over Casey Kasem's life and death has crossed a few lines throughout its duration. If you thought the battle would die down with his death last month, we've got some bad news. Perhaps the most unsettling episode in the saga is happening right now: Casey Kasem's body is missing. The ugliness of the ongoing conflict between Kasem's wife, Jean Kasem, and Kasem's daughters, Kerri and Julie Kasem, reached public peak about two months ago when Jean was captured on camera throwing raw hamburger meat at Kerri as they fought for custody of the ailing Casey. This was after he'd gone missing while he was still alive — allegedly taken by Jean despite Kerri having been awarded temporary conservatorship over her father — and before Kasem's June death.

After his death, Kerri obtained a restraining order to keep Jean away from her father's body after it became clear that Jean's intentions were to take Casey's body to have it cremated in Montreal. Now his body has gone missing. According to Vulture, the surprising news was discovered when the daughters tried to deliver the restraining order to the Washington funeral home and they were told that he body was already gone.

A representative of the funeral home spoke to the LA Times and stated that they "carried out final disposition per the Death Certificate." It should be noted that under Washington state's laws, Jean reportedly filled out the death certificate with instructions that were add odds with the wishes of Kasem's daughters.

This entire situation was strange and sad when Casey Kasem was alive and, unfortunately, now that he's passed away it seems to only be getting weirder and sadder.