Bill Gets Served Some Very Bad News

Well, we certainly didn't see that coming. Once again, True Blood threw fans another curveball by revealing in the very final minutes of Sunday night's episode that Bill Compton has contracted the Hep-V virus. So if there's still any chance for a Bill and Sookie hookup, it's going to have to happen pretty damn fast. Also, this makes not one, but TWO of Sookie's ex-vampire boyfriends who are presumably going to die. Not to mention her current and already dead boyfriend Alcide. And here we thought Sam was the one with the worst luck ever.

So what does this mean for the rest of the season? Our guess is that Bill will try to keep his impending death a secret from everyone (but especially Sookie) for as long as possible. As Bill so eloquently put it to Eric a few episodes ago, "I'm not an asshole anymore," so it's easy to see him try to take the martyr approach and simply suffer in silence. It's a nice enough thought, but as we already know, nothing is kept a secret in Bon Temps for very long. You just know that Sookie's going to find out eventually. But what will this mean for their relationship? Will it pull them closer together like we've been hoping it would for Eric and Sookie? Or will it just leave fans with a tragically heartfelt goodbye?

Looking back, we really should've seen this plot twist coming. If Bill's nostalgic pre-vampire flashbacks of a near-death experience weren't enough to send up red flags, his nice moment with Sookie outside of her house should've done the trick. But here we are with only five episodes left and more lives at stake than we've ever seen before. Because let's be honest, things aren't looking very good for Bill's progeny either now that Violet overheard Jason and Jess hooking up at Sookie's shindig. (Gotta love that vampire hearing!)

And, of course, there's another very important factor to consider in this Hep-V storyline: if you recall, Bill recently drank Sookie's blood… does this mean she's officially a Hep-V carrier? (Because that would really suck.) I mean, this can't just be a coincidence. To our knowledge, Bill hasn't been drinking anyone else's blood, so how else could he have gotten it? Maybe he could've contracted the virus during last week's face-off at Fangtasia, but it seems unlikely. So unless Eric and Bill have been having been sharing more than just witty remarks to each other, it's fair to say that Sookie is to blame.

Images: John P. Johnson/HBO; Wifflegif; clatl.com