Eric & Sookie Must Hook Up Before ‘True Blood’s Series Finale... or Else

Last Sunday’s True Blood episode granted fans with a surprise we all wanted but never thought would happen: the reunion of Eric and Sookie. Just when you think the writers are pushing for a Sookie and Bill endgame, they decide to bring her charged chemistry with Eric back into the picture, and with it, our renewed sense of hope that these two crazy kids may just be able to rekindle what they once had. In fact, that scene in Bill’s study alone should’ve been enough to glamour Eric and Sookie 'shippers into a perpetual state of euphoria.

So here we are, right back in the middle of this faerie’s complicated love triangle. But no matter who Sookie ends up choosing, one thing is for damn sure — there just has to be one last sex scene between this dynamic duo before the series finale. You can’t just shove two former flames back together like that and then refuse to follow through. (Well, I guess you totally could, but that's just plain cruel!) Nope, True Blood has ripped open this romantic band-aid and now it’s time to pay up.

There are more than a few theories out there as to how this Eric and Sookie hook up could potentially happen, however, I’m uncomfortable with simply banking on guesswork alone. I want some guarantees! (A signed promise from the writers in their own blood would totally suffice.) But something tells me I’m not going to get my wish based solely on my personal preference alone. So let’s look at the facts, shall we?

Eric and Sookie’s Sex Scenes Are Way Hotter

I know Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer are married in real life, but that doesn’t automatically make them the steamiest couple on-screen. That prize goes to Eric and Sookie without question. The hand placement, the lustful yet still tender demeanor from both parties makes this an absolute pleasure for all involved. Plus, nothing can beat that Eric groan. (Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go take a cold shower.)

It Sets Pam Up for More Amazing One-Liners

Eric’s progeny may hate his relationship with Sookie with a fiery passion, but without it, we wouldn’t get some of this sassy vamp’s best pieces of dialogue. Just imagine what will come out of her mouth if she hears that these two have hooked up again. Oh, the possibilities.

Eric Is Dying and Could Really Use a Win

This thousand-year-old vampire has contracted the Hep-V virus, making him painstaking close to death’s door. Hasn’t he earned a little sympathy sex for his impending doom? As amazingly wonderful as his starring role in Jason’s sex dream was, he himself didn’t actually get to experience it, which doesn’t seem fair. Even his sex scenes with his former French love interest, Sylvie, were all in flashback form. He needs — no, he deserves — something to look forward to in the present day. So come on, Sookie, let’s give this Nordic hunk one last roll in the hay. You owe us that much.

So as you can see, this obviously needs to happen and soon. (There are only six episodes left, after all.) But, of course, we’re always open to this option…

Just some food for thought, True Blood writers.

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