These Two Lovebirds Better Watch Their Backs

Ask and you shall receive! At least, that seems to be True Blood's philosophy this week. For weeks, fans have been begging for another Jason and Jessica hookup, and after Sunday night's episode, everyone finally got their wish. After catching her boyfriend James and Lafayette in a very compromising position in their car (which they bought together, by the way!), an outraged Jess sought comfort in the arms of Bon Temps' hottest deputy sheriff. At first it started out as just a pep talk to help make her feel better… which led to close proximity… which led to staring deeply into each other's eyes… which led to, well, ya know.

Unfortunately, it seems this climatic moment won't last long — and it has nothing to do with Jason's stamina. Violet overheard this little rendezvous of theirs (they weren't exactly being quiet), which is bound to lead to some serious — aka deadly — consequences. Part of me almost wishes she had burst in on them in an angry fit of rage. At least then everything would be completely out in the open. But the fact that she's keeping this knowledge secret makes it seem like she has something much, much worse in store for these two lovebirds. Her rage is only going to fester with time. And now that Bill's dealing with his very own Hep-V problem, he might not be strong enough to protect Jess from harm. (Speaking of protecting from harm, remember when Violet saved Jessica's life earlier this season? I much do you bet she's regretting that decision now? Awkward.)

So yes, danger is once again lurking around every corner, as per usual on this show. But since there was a zero percent body count this week — a possible new record for the series — there's bound to be a bloodbath in the very near future, and Violet could not have a more powerful motive to up the tally. So unless someone gets wise and stakes Jason's vampire girlfriend before she can do anyone any harm (which is what totally should happen), it looks like Jess may be the next one to die after all. We should all start preparing ourselves accordingly. And by that we, of course, mean start drinking heavily. So watch your back, Baby Vamp (or Red, if you're Lafayette) — you are officially on the True Death danger list.

If it's any consolation, we're sure it was totally worth it.

Images: John P. Johnson/HBO; deborah-ann-woll/Tumblr; heavy.com