As Marcus Grodd's Parents Meet 'Bachelorette' Andi, We've Got Some Questions For Them

He fell hard and he fell quick. At this point in the season, all of the guys have told Andi that they are falling in love with her (props to Nick for talking kids, too), but Bachelorette sweetheart Marcus Grodd said that he was in love with her, something every woman wants to hear from someone like Marcus, but is it mutual? Marcus is a bit of a dark horse in this competition. He is somewhat quiet and he started out a little reserved, until last week that is, when he and Andi had a beautiful date in Brussels where Marcus was able to open up about childhood, and growing up with a very unstable relationship with his parents.

Marcus opening up to Andi like this wins major points in her book and in the viewers’ books, but also raises a few questions that hopefully Andi will ask his family when she meets them. Knowing that Marcus didn’t have that strong of a relationship with this mother growing up, will Andi dive into his past and ask how it could affect his future? I don’t want to get to therapist-y on this, but it definitely could come in to play, right?

Check out the questions I’m hoping Andi asks Marcus’ family STAT upon arriving in his hometown, Dallas, Texas.

Is he really committed?

This is going to be a question that will haunt Andi if she doesn't just come out and ask his family now. We saw how worried she was when Marcus opened up and told her that he considered leaving the show, creating doubt that he was really committed to a serious relationship. Luckily, we moved past that speed bump and Marcus explained that he is there and in love with her. But is running something that Marcus has done in the past? Perhaps Andi needs to get a little more dirt on this issue before moving forward.

What have his past relationships been like?

Props to Marcus for being the first one to really jump in and say he was in love with her — largely different from falling in love, folks. I mean major props. I just want to make sure Marcus isn't that guy who says he loves everyone and throws it around like it is Chapstick during the winter. It means a lot to Andi that Marcus is so forthcoming with his feelings towards her, but it would definitely bring their love boat to a dramatic stop if it was something he is telling the camera guy, too.

What does he need in a partner?

So, here is my only gripe with The Bachelor and The Bachelorette: Sometimes the show is very one-sided. I am happy that these guys all are in love or falling in love with Andi. She has kept them around because she sees potential partners in all of them. But do they see a potential partner in her? I'm not so sure that they have really had the chance to find out. Marcus has admitted he didn't have the most stable upbringing, so what does that mean for the type of woman that Marcus will end up spending the rest of his life with? Do the two correlate? I'm not sure. But I think the question is super important to ask if Andi can fulfill the stable role in Marcus' life.

It goes both ways, people.

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