'Big Brother' Frankie's Letter from Ariana Grande Could Reveal His Secret

Frankie has been doing a surprisingly good job of keeping the fact that he is Ariana Grande's brother a secret from everyone in the Big Brother house. How he manages to do this when Frankie never stops mentioning Ariana Grande is beyond me, but then again the other house guests don't get to see his diary room videos. When Frankie won HoH, we all worried that this would finally be the moment that his big secret was out, but he managed to dodge the bullet when all of the family pictures in his HoH room wound up to be of himself and Ariana Grande when they were babies. The other house guests had no idea they were staring at one of the world's biggest pop stars, but could some of them figure out that they were hearing from one of the world's biggest pop stars?

After the reveal of the family photos, Cody and Frankie read letters from their families and Frankie's letter was from his sister. For those who didn't catch the episode, here's exactly what the letter said.

Dear Frankie,

I love you and miss you so much. I'm a nervous wreck but I know you're killing it. Whenever I'm faced with an obstacle, I think of you and it makes me laugh and it gives me strength. I hope you are staying strong and happy and are sharing your light. I love you. Be strong.



It's pretty innocent and vague, but any house guests who might have been paying attention — like Victoria, who grilled Frankie about his family and who got a reaction shot from the camera when he began to read the letter — might have picked up on a few clues that hint at Frankie and "Ari's" connection.

The house guests were already questioning why Frankie's pictures were all from such a long time ago, especially when compared to Cody's pictures which were as recent as from last year. While Cody's letter was full of inside jokes and references to other family members, Frankie's letter was as general as you could possibly get while still remaining sweet and meaningful. Pictures from a long time ago? Fine. A general letter? Fine. Both those things together? Hmm. It won't be long before the house guests realize that Frankie has got something to hide and it has everything to do with his family.

Then there are the things that Ariana Grande actually does say in the letter. Frankie makes her laugh and gives her strength. Those are the exact things Grande says about him every single time she mentions him on her Twitter or Instagram or in general. If anyone has been a long time fan of Ariana Grande, then those key words might set off some alarms when combined with all of Frankie's other suspicious behavior.

At this point, the house guests know that Frankie has a younger sister named Ari who they have no recent pictures of and who considers Frankie to be her light and her strength. On that basis alone, maybe not even the most diehard Ariana Grande fan could figure it out, but Frankie will have to be careful about winning HoH again in the future. If all of his pictures continue to be of himself and his sister when they were babies and all of his letters continue to be vague when it comes to his sister, pretty soon the house guests are going to know for sure that something is up.

Can Frankie keep his famous sister under wraps forever? Maybe, if he gets rid of Victoria. Of all of the house guests, she's the one who's been sniffing around his secret the most and I'm willing to bet that she'll be the one to figure it out first if Frankie doesn't find a way to throw her off the trail. In the meantime, Ariana Grande's letter to Frankie was incredibly touching, even if it's just another suspicious thing to add to clue pile.

Image: Wifflegif (2); frankiejgrande/Instagram