'RHONY' Aviva Drescher Returns in the Season Finale After An Eventful Few Weeks

It's been a particularly brutal season of The Real Housewives of New York . It was vicious, as always, but a little bit slow too. Slow enough that they brought back Kelly Killoren Bensimon for a hot second during a charity event Luann de Lesseps was hosting. The finale on the other hand, (or should I say other leg? Don’t worry I’ll get to that), looks like a season’s worth of drama in one episode, thanks to Aviva Drescher. It’s no secret that Aviva isn’t the favorite housewife among the group, she has been pitted against almost all of them at some point this season, and at Sonja’s party during the Tuesday finale, Aviva get’s so worked up she loses her leg!

In the finale’s promo video, Leg-gate takes a turn for the worse as Aviva is seen defending herself for the genuine and real person she is, saying the only thing fake about her is her leg. And that’s when it happens. The leg is taken off in the swiftest of motions, it is thrown out into the middle of the room in front of everyone, beautiful heel and all, and the room gasps. I gasp, and I’m not even there. Check out the preview below to see what I am talking about.

Juan Alvarado on YouTube

So needless to say, this blow up isn’t coming out of the blue. From Book-gate with Carole Radziwill regarding the integrity of Carole’s book and if a ghostwriter was used or not, to the criticism she received for bailing on Montana at the very last minute due to unforeseen medical conditions, Aviva decided that it was time to step away from the housewife clan for a little bit before reuniting with them in this week's finale.

So where has Aviva been during her on-again off-again relationship with the housewives? Here are the top five things you need to know about what she's been up to.

Spending time with her family

The women accused Aviva of not wanting to leave her family, more specifically, her husband Reid, during the girls’ vacations. But would you want to go to Montana where the level of drama is just as high as the altitude when you have this adorable family at home?

Traveling (without the ladies)

So maybe Montana was a no go, but that doesn’t mean that she can’t enjoy a little fun in the sun with her girlfriends.

Hanging Out with some housewives

Well at least she is spending time with those that she wants to spend time with. Aviva was so disappointed with all of the drama that surrounded her absence in Montana and how the women gossiped about her health excuses, that she decided she needed a break.

Appearing with some famous faces

A few of the housewives have modeling pasts, that’s no secret. Luann de Lesseps was a model when she was younger, Kristen Taekman is still trying to continue her modeling career, and Ramona Singer had that one moment when she walked down the runway for Brooklyn Fashion Week, you know... with the eyes. So it only makes sense that Aviva always surrounds herself with models, like Heidi Klum.

Promoting her book Leggy Blonde: A Memoir

Aviva has been busy promoting her new book Leggy Blonde, which shines a spotlight on the loss of her leg at age six and her many attempts to reattach it, which makes this week’s finale involving Leg-gate especially ironic.

Images: Aviva Drescher/Instagram (5)