Phillip Lim's Target Collection Premieres

For years, the fashion world has been collaboration crazy. At first it was all so exciting. High-end designers at low-end stores! Celebrities working with designers! How great! How fun! But just because something was a good idea initially doesn't mean it should last forever, and lately collaborations have been pretty lackluster. And, yes, I'm talking about Kanye West for A.P.C. It was beginning to look like collaborations had met their bitter end, but wait! What's that in the distance? Why, it's Phillip Lim's collaboration with Target, and it might just be the collection that saves collaborations. Insert cheers. We knew you could do it, Phil. (It's cool if I call you Phil, right?)

Target announced back in May that their latest designer would be Phillip Lim, but has stayed pretty mum about the details. But now the blog Fashion Foie Gras has Instgrammed the first photos of the collection, which hits stores and online September 15.

The line will consist of 100 items for both men and women, with everything from apparel, to shoes, to bags, to travel accessories. Prices range from $19.99 to $299.999 for apparel and $19.99 to $59.99 for accessories. If these ads are telling the truth, that means you can get a $895 Pashli Satchel for less than a Benjamin Franklin (According to Fashion Law, it's set to retail for $35, making it the steal of the century). You know what that means: You're getting a Pashli, and you're getting a Pashli! You're all getting Pashlis!

As fans wait eagerly for September 15, Target likely waits nervously. Lim's collection comes a little less than a year after the Neiman Marcus for Target collection completely bombed. Time called the collab an "Epic Retail Fail," pointing out that it was confusing, poorly presented, and, that people really don't want to buy Derek Lam skateboards or Oscar de la Renta dog food bowls, which, yes, were real items in the line.

The line was also criticized as being too expensive for Target, a hurdle they might not be able to jump with the Lim line. A $300 dress is a steal for a 3.1 Phillip Lim piece and is likely affordable for the average Neiman Marcus customer, but it might still be too expensive for the average Target customer.

In order for the line to succeed, Target will need to attract two demographics: the Neiman Marcus shoppers looking for a truly incredible deal and the more average shopper looking to score an affordable version of a high-end designer. The former will pick up the $300 pieces, while the latter will bask in the glory of a $35 Pashli. Oh, and, uh, we'll leave it to you decide if a world with Pashlis for all is a good thing.

Photo via Instagram