'Big Brother 15's Spencer Clawson Reported to Authorities After Child Pornography Statements


Though houseguests like Spencer Clawson continue to remain in the Big Brother 15 house regardless of their tasteless commentary — and continue to not be shown on CBS's episodes delivering such tasteless commentary — fallout continues outside of the reality show house. After Union Pacific released a statement last month distancing itself from former employee Clawson after he unleashed a series of sexist and homophobic statements on Big Brother's live feeds, the company is now taking action after the reality star made comments Monday about child pornography.

Two days after Clawson told his fellow houseguests that "I like to beat off to child porn," Union Pacific released another statement announcing it had reported the Big Brother contestant to law enforcement. (It's likely, however, that Clawson was joking about the topic.) Wrote the company on its site:

Clawson's talk of child pornography reignited a debate about Season 15 of the CBS reality hit that had quieted down since CBS showed footage of Aaryn Gries and GinaMarie Zimmerman's racist remarks, which lost both of the contestants their jobs. Not only have fans taken to social media to criticize the season's cast, but Big Brother's former contestants are locked in debate about Clawson, Gries, and the rest of the house's occupants. Though some, like Big Brother 14 winner Ian Terry, stand by the CBS series (as he wrote on his blog, "I'd hate to see a lot of fans that like it as much as I do stop watching simply because some yokel made a tasteless joke"), others, like Big Brother 4 winner Jun Song, have opted to quit the season:

Dear Big Brother 15:

I’m leaving you. I can’t take you anymore.

You’re supposed to be part dirt and part strategy but you’re mostly human trash in every sense of the word, save for the few kind-hearted HGs that make you up. You’re supposed to be fun, but time and time again you’ve proven to be the bottom of the barrel in poor representation of The United States of America. Glorified behaviors in the name of ratings, and scrapings from under the toenails of closeted racists and misogynists and homophobes.

or just “jokes” to some.

What the fuck has happened to you?

Granted, many have been forced to quit Big Brother 15 thanks to the CBS-Time Warner blackout — but will the contestants' ongoing comments make others wish they had subscribed to Time Warner?

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Image: CBS