9 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Pickle Because Cucumbers Are So Last Summer

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Dill pickles, we will always love you. Sweet or sour, speared or sliced, you’ve been the bright spot in our barbecue comas and the welcome crunch on our burgers all summer long. Now, though, it’s time to see other vegetables. You were our first love, but we deserve something more — we want to be adventurous, to pickle everything at least once. You understand.

Liberate your pickle jars from cucumber, and you’ll realize the entire produce aisle at the grocery store is just waiting to be drenched in brine. Asparagus? You can pickle that. Strawberries? Obviously. Shrimp? Why the heck not? If you have ten minutes, you can turn even the saddest of fridge scraps into the beginnings of a zippy salad or a savory bánh mì — and come out feeling like a total kitchen boss. The world is our Mason jar; let’s pickle everything it has to offer.

Image: Domestic Fits

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