How Different Is 'The Leftovers' From The Book? Tom Perrotta's Novel Is Drastically Different

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Two percent of the world's population may have vanished three years ago on HBO's newest drama The Leftovers , but that's not the only change undergoing the outwardly sleepy (and inwardly chaotic) town of Mapleton, New York. In the course of adaption Tom Perrotta's 300-some-page novel into a multi-season television series, executive producer Damon Lindelof had to make some departures of his own. Characters have been altered, relationships have been changed, plots have been rewritten, all in an effort to increase the story's longevity. Nothing and nobody has been safe from this exercise in dramatic license.

So for those of you who haven't read the source material and are curious — or for those of you who've read it but can't remember the specifics — here's everything that's different so far between book Mapleton and TV Mapleton.

Image: HBO

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